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  • 5 New Instagram Metrics to Track Now

    25601440 Instagram seems to roll out a new feature daily. This is exciting, and there’s so much we can do with Instagram’s ever-evolving features like Instagram Stories. But these rapid-fire feature rollouts also mean that we marketers are often experimenting without access to all the data, i.e., the full view of how Instagram activities and campaigns are performing.

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  • 5 Ways That Agencies Can Use Social Listening

    25601440 Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide Download There are more than five ways that agencies can use social listening to grow their book of business. But these are the biggies: the game-changing value props we’ve heard about from agencies who actually use listening today. 1. Expand Current Partnerships Social listening helps you do what you’re already doing better, by ...

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  • Listening on Social Media: The 5 Biggest Benefits and Risks

    25601707 Just like when you listen deeply in real life, listening to what social media users are saying about your brand, your campaign, your product, your competitors, and relevant events is a rewarding and risky game. Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide Download What if you hear something that doesn’t feel good? That reflects poorly on you? That requires you to completely ...

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  • Social Innovators Series: Melissa Thompson

    In our Social Innovators series, we highlight leaders who use data and creativity to build world-class social marketing organizations. Here’s Melissa Thompson’s story. What are the first three tabs that Melissa Thompson, Social Media Lead at Brooks Running, opens in the morning? Her social media editorial calendar Her budget-in-flight deck (paid social media tracking + ...

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  • Social Innovators Series: Jen Joyce

    In our Social Innovators series, we highlight leaders who use data and creativity to build world-class social marketing organizations. Here’s Jen Joyce’s story. Jen Joyce, who leads social media marketing at Simple, got her start locally here in Seattle managing social for Hotel Max, before she was recruited for Uber’s first PNW office.

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  • #SimplySocialAwards: Best Overall Social Content Strategy

    Welcome to Week 2 of the #SimplySocialAwards! Last week, we collected your votes for Best Instagram Strategy. The winner was Tone It Up. But now it’s week 2, and we’re asking you to vote on Best Social Content Strategy. This week features brands who do it all, creating head-turning social content across multiple networks and delivering a cohesive message to their target markets.

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  • #SimplySocialAwards: Best Instagram Strategy

    Today, we’re kicking off the #SimplySocialAwards! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be asking you lovely people to help us recognize brands that are crushing their social strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the categories by week: Week 1: Best Instagram Strategy Week 2: Best Social Content Strategy Week 3: Best Video Strategy Week 4: Best Brand Personality This week ...

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  • How to Transform Your Brand in 30 Days on Social

    What if you could transform your brand in 30 days, using the resources and skills you have as a social media marketer today? 25 Ways to Come Up with More Creative Campaigns Download 30-day transformation isn’t just for bikini bods, folks–your brand can have its epiphanic moment sooner than you think. Here’s what to do. Day 1 Conduct an audit.

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  • How to Present Your B2B Social Media Planning Deck

    Are you struggling to organize your big, juicy, strategic plans into one presentation deck? We’ve been there. Let’s break it down to the essentials: the key components of an effective deck which positions you and your department best, and makes your requests clear. 1. Give Some Background As always, start with the data.

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  • [Free eCourse] It’s Time for #GutCheckPlus

    The most successful people I have encountered in business are those who know the pulse of their function and are in tune with what is happening in their company, among their competitors, and within their industry. The Social Marketer’s Gut Check Guide Download You know the people I am talking about. They are very easy to identify in meetings.

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  • 7 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter

    Are you struggling to identify your target audience on Twitter? Do you have a vague, mostly qualitative idea, but fall short when it comes to reaching your engagement drivers, future customers, and lifelong brand advocates? How to Build a Social Media Calendar Download So do most brands. Most of us aren’t reaching all the people who would be interested in our content and/or product.

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  • How to Build Enduring Influence for Your Brand

    As I was doing research for this blog post, two major themes kept repeating themselves: connection and consistency. The connection theme applies to communication both between different parts of marketing departments and between brands and their audiences. The consistency theme is, well, consistent across most of my findings and suggestions here.

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  • 6 Ways to Bring Social and Content Together in Your Plan

    Do your social and content teams work closely enough together, or do you run on parallel tracks that rarely intersect? If the latter is true, you’re missing out. Content Benchmarks: Using Social and Web Data to Set Performance Goals Download When your content team is regularly informed about what’s performing well (or not) on social, they can create better content for your social team.

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  • 4 eCommerce Lessons From the Top Digitally Native Brands of 2017

    The retail landscape is changing. With these shifts comes a new generation of brands profiting from innovation and authenticity. These so-called digitally native brands have seen explosive growth by capitalizing on the direct sourcing of materials, an enhanced brand experience, new distribution methods, and increased social media engagement.

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