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  • What Your Social Media Holiday Plan Might Be Missing

    We just wrapped up our How to Plan and Measure Your Holiday Campaign on Social webinar. It covered various ways you can use listening and social attribution to build a solid social campaign for the holidays, and also got real specific about what successful holiday campaign goal-setting and planning looks like, down to the nuts, bolts, and creative briefs.

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  • 4 Good Reasons to Attend the Holiday Campaign Webinar

    The holidays are coming…in fact, they’re nearly here. Are you ready? Join Simply Measured’s Brand Marketing Manager Jade Furubayashi and Director of Consumer Insights Strategy Ryan Frazier on Tuesday, October 25 at 10AM PDT for a primer on planning and measuring effective holiday campaigns on social. Here’s why you should plan on attending. 1.

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  • Instagram Stories Are Officially a Success (And What It Means for Marketers)

    Yesterday, two months after introducing Instagram Stories, Instagram announced that it will now include Instagram Stories in the Explore feature. More than 100 million people visit Explore every day to discover photos and videos from people they don’t yet follow. The new suggested stories section highlights the most interesting stories from across Instagram’s vast global com ...

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Social Attribution

    If you’re an email marketer, you send an email, you drive action, you measure that action’s impact on the business, and then you figure out what you could do better and do it again. Social doesn’t work that way. You post to Facebook, your audience interacts with it, and you hope that your actions equate to lift for your business. Download Onlyrecently has social become closed-loop.

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  • The 5 Most Common Kinds of Dark Social Content

    Dark Social refers to the sharing that we do through non-public channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Slack, or even text message and email. You may be ignoring these channels today, but that’s a mistake. This sharing is a crucial indicator of purchase intent, and a massive amount of the social activity you’re not getting credit for.

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  • What Is Social Attribution?

    Social Attribution is the process of assigning credit for business outcomes to social marketing channels and campaigns. Why It Matters to Social, Digital, and Web Marketers How does social play a role in my consumer’s path to conversion? By implementing a social attribution solution, you will be able to answer this question with revenue numbers–then optimize accordingly and continuously.

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  • Donald Trump Won the Second Debate by Twitter Engagement and Mentions

    Wow. That happened. Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in their second debate, and Twitter exploded with engagement–particularly during the discussion of Clinton’s deleted emails, Obamacare, and racial discrimination. Donald Trump received the most Twitter engagement on debate day. Trump’s most engaging Tweet on debate day took aim at Hillary: .

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  • Why Dark Social Data Matters to the Content Marketer

    Are you a social marketer, or a content marketer, or both? This question, no, debate, no, cage fight, has become a common one among marketers who create content and push it out into the universe, whether it is on social, on blogs, on websites, or all of the above. Some open questions which circle this debate include: Who is in charge of strategizing which content (visual, ...

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  • The 3 Most-Asked Questions at Our Social Attribution Webinar

    We just wrapped up our Social Attribution: What It Is and Where to Begin webinar. The webinar covered the basic definitions around this topic, including various common attribution models and a conversation about how social attribution differs from other types of digital attribution. The webinar ended with a quick demo of our own solution to this pervasive marketing dilemma, and a robust Q&A.

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  • 5 Reasons to Attend the Social Attribution 101 Webinar

    Whether you’re just beginning to build a social attribution model for your organization, are seeking out a social attribution solution that will do it for you, or simply want to know the ABC’s of social attribution, our upcoming webinar with Brewster Stanislaw (Director of Product @ Simply Measured) and Colin Zalewski (Product Marketing Manager @ Simply Measured) on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 a.

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  • What Happened at LIFT 2016?

    I can’t believe LIFT 2016 is over. Over here at Simply Measured, we’re in full recovery mode. Sleeping for 10 hours was so necessary after an incredible 3 days of #LIFTSocial. THANK YOU everyone for coming, can't wait for next year! — Alyson Andrews (@Alyson_Andrews) September 23, 2016 But for those of you who couldn’t make it this year–or just want to relive the glor ...

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  • The Difference Between Listening, Analyzing, and Attributing on Social

    What is the difference between listening, analyzing, and attributing in the world of social marketing? You’re Doing Social Wrong Download The distinction might seem blurry and vague at first, but these are actually three distinct “data levers,” if you will, that your brand should be pulling to make its social engine whir — and they all provide different assets.

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  • Why Are People So Excited About LIFT?

    LIFT IS HAPPENING NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE! We are feeling the excitement. So are more than 500 of our favorite social marketer friends. Maybe it’s because of what they learned at last year’s LIFT. Or because of the sessions this year from speakers like Kipp Bodnar, CMO of Hubspot, Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy for Twitter, Carmen Villafañe, Director of Communications for COMPL ...

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  • Top Influencers Weigh In on Social Attribution: What Did They Say?

    We gathered together the best and the brightest in social marketing to talk about social attribution and tell us what they have learned from experience: is social attribution really possible? What is the state of affairs today? Meet our gallery of experts: Here is what they had to say about social attribution. Spoiler alert: There’s no easy answer — yet. 1.

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  • The New Social Metrics You Need to Know

    Your social content is the source of more conversation about your brand, traffic to your website, and purchasing consideration of your products than you now realize — and more than you might be measuring today. Owned, Earned, Paid, and Dark Social: Definitions, and Where to Begin Download We live in the age of dark social.

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  • Back to School on Social in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    “Back to School” is a major event for retailers, especially those with young target demographics. According to the National Retail Federation, Back-to-school and college spending ranks as the second biggest shopping season for retailers, after the winter holidays. Some other need-to-know Back to School facts, care of NRF: Total spending for K-12 and college is expected to reach $75.

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  • The ROI of Knowing Your Social ROI

    “Social ROI” is the buzz term on every social marketer’s lips these days, but what does it actually mean, and why is it important? In other words, what’s the ROI of knowing your social ROI? The truth is, ROI = impact. In general, this means revenue, but how that happens can vary by organization. Here’s why you should know your social ROI.

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