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  • 7 Top Secret Ways To Connect With Influencers and A-Listers

    One of the biggest mistakes we make with online marketing is relying on a single traffic source… Where does all your website traffic come from? Social media, search engines, ad campaigns, referral traffic… Is your traffic evenly distributed across all of these mediums? It’s dangerous to focus on one platform to promote your content and drive traffic.

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  • How Much Do You Invest in Relationship Building?

    Marketing has always been a struggle for businesses – and some methods require more finesse than others. For example, some experts suggest running Facebook ads is a valid marketing method to sell products. But after spending $500, it is possible to not get even one purchase. That’s when you slam the keyboard and tell yourself Facebook is a hoax. And many would agree with you.

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  • How Gmail Defeated 10 Famous Bloggers

    Gmail is affecting everyone’s open rates, including famous bloggers. I recently performed a case study that shows some staggering statistics based on 17 bloggers. Ten of these bloggers didn’t survive, and I’ll show you why. As we all know, email marketing determines the life of any blog these days. Unless you are best friends with Google, the chances of high traffic at first is slim.

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  • 6 Ways To Destroy Your Email List

    One of the biggest issue email marketers have is simply making the email subscriber feel connected. So I will show how 6 little things could eventually hurt the efforts of everyone with a list. Writing from a email reader’s view, you are sure to get a laugh from this article. If you’re looking to destroy your email list within 30 days, than this article is just for you.

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  • 4 Email Plugins That Will Grow Your List Today

    As a blogger, I understood that the email list was important to build, but without the proper tools it was impossible. Plugins will either help you succeed or destroy your image among your readers. So, I began to search for those plugins. The plugins I came across were either outdated, horrible looking, or buggy. I was frustrated for months as I searched for the perfect plugin for my site.

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  • How to Build an Email List That Generates Revenue

    As a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, you’re always looking for a way to keep the fire going between you and your customer. To keep the connection alive. You’re also looking for ways to build connections with new customers, for ways to stay in front of both new/old/potential customers. What if I told you that you can do all this at the same time? Well, you can.

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