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  • How To Optimise Images On Your Website

    (This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would) Images are often forgotten when it comes to SEO, but people don’t understand the search potential that they have and also the implications that they have on the technical standing of a website, specifically website speed.

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  • 7 Useful SEO Tips to Improve Organic Performance

    Getting started with SEO can be tough, equally so can building on an existing campaign that has been on worked to great lengths. In my latest post, I’ve gathered a number of tried and tested SEO tips that’ll help to give you that competitive edge in search, helping to improve the overall organic performance of your website.

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  • The Long and Short of Long Tail Keywords

    Targeting long tail keywords has been a tactic used for many years, long before I was in the SEO game. It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time exploring over 2016, spending time reading around the topic and putting into action things I’ve learned and to a number of successes! Much to my surprise when first starting, this isn’t just about finding a long tail keyword and writing ...

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  • Let’s Talk Voice Search

    Search is evolving, matching the ever changing behaviour of its user and the next chapter of the search engine story looks to be reserved for voice search. With the advent of the mainstream voice-search-enabled personal assistants, we’re seeing an evident growth in voice search usage. With the likes of Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Now, the pocket-sized personal assistant is ...

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  • Accelerate Mobile Pages – The Latest

    So here we have it, the inevitable has happened, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are coming to an organic mobile search results page near you in the foreseeable future, as announced by Google themselves. Although we don’t know when it will happen specifically besides “soon”, we now know it is happening.

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  • 17 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Mobile UX

    SEO and UX: two things often treated as separates but in fact have become more important for each other than ever before. SEO has the data that UX needs. UX has the web design framework that SEO needs. It wasn’t until recently that I really started to explore UX in more detail and looking at how it really affects what I do as an SEO, and how I can leverage it to help my cli ...

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  • 40 Ways to Use URL Profiler

    By far one of my most used tools, URL Profiler makes website analysis and data curation much easier. By allowing you to upload a list of URLs linking a number of website analysis accounts such as Copyscape and Majestic, it enables you to pull through vast amounts of data. After countless hours of using this tool and discovering ways of combining different functions to retrieve ...

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