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  • The three Vs of contact data: verify and validate for value

    A new report from Informatica is highlighting the importance of clean contact data for marketers who want to ensure they are communicating effectively and providing the best possible experiences for their customers. The report – Contact Data Verification Strategies for Marketing and Sales [viewable here as PDF] – gives a good insight into the thoughts of US marketers leading t ...

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  • Excel VLOOKUP basics and top five rookie mistakes

    Back in 2013 John Gagnon wrote a very popular post about VLOOKUP basics and rookie mistakes. We thought we’d update the piece to reflect some minor changes for accessing the functionality to VLOOKUP words and values in Excel 2016. An Excel VLOOKUP can be a marketer’s best friend because it can save you hours of work.

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  • Just 36% of people entering the tech industry are women

    The technology industry is lagging behind many other sectors when it comes to the proportion of women taking up entry level positions. This is according to US research by McKinsey in their new report: Women in the Workplace The study surveyed 132 companies which collectively employ more than 4.6m people.

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  • 13 time-saving Excel shortcuts & tips for marketers

    Back in 2013 John Gagnon wrote a very popular post detailing some of his favourite Excel tips and tricks. We thought we’d update the list of classic shortcuts with a few that reflect some new functionality in Excel 2016. New Excel tips for 2016: 1. Navigate ‘The Ribbon’ with ALT In Excel 2016 the ribbon refers to the menu of tabs (File, Home, etc.) at the top of your workbook.

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  • Are your emails personal enough?

    When it comes to email content, we know that data is key to ensuring messages are relevant and engaging for those who are receiving them. Return Path’s new report in partnership with Ascend2: Strategies and Tactics for Data-Driven Marketing delves into the goals of B2C marketing influencers and how they are using data to improve their email strategies.

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  • One-third of UK internet users have taken a ‘digital detox’

    The 2016 Communications Market Report from Ofcom has shed some fresh light on the latest behavioural trends of UK consumers and how they are connecting with traditional and digital media. As expected, this latest offering is a comprehensive digest which draws on a range of primary and secondary research looking at – among other things – our TV viewing habits, how we use our mo ...

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