Lyena Solomon

  • Usability vs. Conversion Optimization

    If you have been practicing SEO, you would have encountered a disconnect between what you were hired to do and what the client actually wanted you to do when they hired you. You thought your goal is to bring traffic. They thought you will bring them more conversions and revenue. They thought they will fix matters by changing your title to include "Lead Generation.

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  • How to get rid of bad content

    How exciting is it to start fresh? You are looking at your new website – a clean slate – and imagine the possibilities, all the content you can create! So invigorating and exciting! A couple of years later your slate is full of posts, videos, infographics, pages, transcripts, interviews. How would you separate wheat from chaff? With Panda watching our every move, it is importa ...

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  • The 3 Things That Really Matter in Making Money for your Boss

    Hard Work by JD Hancock Let's be honest. You are a knowledgeable and respected practitioner of online marketing, you have mad skills, and you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves. You keep a close eye on the company revenue. You know which side of your bread is buttered – as long as you help your boss make money for the company, your Superstar reputation will only become stronger.

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