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  • How Upcycling Can Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

    To upcycle content is to take components from original content and though creativity transform them into fresh pieces of content across different media and for different content platforms. Creating content costs a lot of money. Good content which attracts and engages your target audience takes a serious amount of time and investment.

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  • Is Tribal Marketing the New Niche Marketing?

    As content creators we spend most of the time focused on niches, or sectors, when we should be creating content for tribes. I first read about the concept of Tribes in a book by Seth Godin. Since then I always make sure my content appeals to a specific and influential tribe, rather than targeted at a niche.

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  • How to Identify Influencers Within a Niche

    Finding who is influential is crucial for promotion in any content publishing strategy. There are many ways to figure out who is influential and who is not, the trick is not to rely on one source but to steep yourself in the niche and those who are influential will become self-evident. It is important when you set about creating content that you know and understand the audie ...

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  • An Example of Exceptional Content

    It’s no longer enough to produce good content, you must be producing exceptional content. Exceptional content will get you to the number one spot. In this article we look at a piece of content from, a design blog and yet they rank no.1 from “taking long walks”. Content is not King, the focus should always be on the reader.

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  • How to Come up With a Content Strategy That Works

    This is the headline I think works best for this article. I did start out with “Coming up with a content strategy that works”, but it doesn’t put emphasis on the problem and the problem is find a way to create a plan that is actionable. And when I say actionable I mean: Under budget Content creator has the correct skill set It doesn’t harm the brand It can be produced ...

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  • 8 Content Types Which Have a High ROI

    Coming up with content ideas is a never ending job for the content marketer. Not only must you thing of the narrative or story of the content piece, you must chose the correct type of content. It’s useful not to mix up type of content with a theme of content. Type of content is more the mechanical aspects of the production, whilst theme is more about the tone or the narrative ...

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  • Why You Should Be Building Content Marketing Using Surveys

    Surveys are an excellent way to build links and increase social signals to your website. There are lots of reasons why you should use surveys in your link building campaigns. Here are six of them: You get a great understanding of your client’s customers You get data that is truly unique You get quotes and testimonials from real people You get a ton of ideas for blog ...

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  • Step by Step Guide to Performing a Content Audit

    We need to be aware of the components of a website and the effect it is having on social signals and link building. By performing a content audit we can find out what content we actually have (content inventory) and what effect that content is having on our marketing, as well as informing us of where the content strategy should be heading.

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  • 8 Renowned Experts Bust Common Google Disavow Tool Myths

    Google wants us to use the disavow tool when we get a notice from them telling us we have websites pointing dodgy links at us. Although this would seem like a straight forward task, there are some myths and elements of confusion that have built up around using the disavow tool. As there are numerous people who are far more experienced and expert on this subject, I decided to ask a few.

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  • Unique Technique Reveals Competitors Evergreen Content Secrets

    One of the most powerful types of content you will find the most rewarding is evergreen content. By identifying usable, evergreen content in your niche and publishing your own version you can boost the traffic and branding of your website. The best way to establish the types of content that are going evergreen in your niche is to see what the leading websites are doing.

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