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  • 5 Secrets to Generating Website Leads for Real Estate

    Real estate success is now requires successful internet marketing and lead generation online. Knowing where to focus your real estate marketing efforts can help you save time and drive more leads to your company. Here are some secrets to attaining more website traffic and more qualified website leads that will turn into buyers and sellers.

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  • HubSpot Releases New Tool to Easily Create Buyer Personas

    HubSpot is the most trusted tool for internet markers looking to create a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. The company is continuously providing users new tools to make their internet marketing experience more efficient and proactive in showing return on investment. The latest tool from HubSpot is the “Make My Persona” tool, which can be found at

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  • Should I Care About Google+?

    Many companies spend much less time on Google+ as a marketing tool compared to other networks like Facebook and Pinterest. Now, many industry experts are saying that the mere existence of Google+ is uncertain. However, Google insists Google+ is here to stay for a very long time. Here’s what you should know about Google+ amid the confusion.

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  • Facebook Testing Better ROI Tracking Feature for Ads

    Facebook is in the process of creating a reporting feature that will better report on how Facebook ads affect an advertiser’s bottom line. It’s nice to know how many people engaged with an ad, but it’s better to know how much revenue that ad produced for a company. This move by Facebook to better prove the ROI of money spent on ads is important now that Facebook is making it in ...

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  • How to Repurpose Real Estate Marketing Content to Save Time

    The real estate industry is fast-paced. Finding time to create new marketing content can be difficult, but luckily there are simple ways real estate companies can easily repurpose existing content to generate more website visitors and leads. Use these tips to continue your marketing efforts without having to take the time to create brand new content.

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  • 4 More Real Estate Companies & Builders Rocking Social Media

    In 2014, we searched out and reported on several real estate companies that were effectively using different social networks for marketing. We recently found a few more and wanted to share them! What better way to get new ideas for your own social media marketing than by checking out what other companies are doing successfully? So, here’s our latest list of real estate companie ...

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  • 17 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Shape Your 2015 Goals

    It’s January, and that means it’s time for brokers-in-charge and real estate marketing executives to set goals for the year! But what do realistic 2015 sales and marketing goals look like? Check out the predicted industry trends below to help you determine what to expect from your team this year! Outlook for Buyers 2015 is expected to bring a sense of normalcy back to the real estate industry.

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  • New Pinterest Promoted Pins Offer Valuable Increased Exposure

    Pinterest’s latest improvements may provide you the bump in social media exposure you’ve been searching for! Two of the biggest complaints from businesses using Pinterest for marketing were the lack of analytics and the inability to promote pins via paid advertising. In 2014, Pinterest released improved analytics for business and tested the use of promoted pins with select businesses.

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  • Top 5 Free Vacation Rental Marketing Resources of 2014

    Many vacation rental marketing professionals have discovered the wide array of free downloadable marketing resources available on Paveya’s website. Check out the ones your colleagues enjoyed the most this year with Paveya’s top 5 most downloaded marketing resources of 2014! 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips for Vacation Rental Companies Converting website visitors into qualified ...

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  • Facebook Now Allows Calls-to-Action on Business Pages

    Yesterday, Facebook announced that businesses will now have call-to-action buttons (CTAs) available to use on their business pages. This means you can add a button to your company page that leads people to your website to search, shop, sign up for something, or take another action. This latest announcement has added yet another tool to your social media repertoire.

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  • How Builders Can Use Branded Sharable Images in Social Media

    Home builders today have embraced the influence of social media, but are looking for ways to enhance their engagement, website visits and leads from social. A great tool to attain more potential home buyer leads is to use branded sharable images in home builder social media strategies. Not sure what or how to use these? Find out here! What are Sharable Images? These images are ...

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  • 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vacation Rental Marketing

    The New Year is approaching and it is time to not only make personal resolutions, but marketing resolutions as well. Set 2015 off right by implementing these internet marketing resolutions for your vacation rental management company. Dedicate More Time to Content Marketing Content is critical to vacation rental companies now more than ever.

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  • Use Branded Images in Social to Increase Real Estate Company Exposure

    Some of the most effective images a real estate company can use in social are sharable images. Knowing what a sharable image is and how to create them can bring viral results for real estate companies and turn visitors into qualified leads. What are Branded Sharable Images? Branded sharable images are images that are created and posted in social networks with the intent to have ...

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  • How Vacation Rental Companies Can Use Branded Sharable Images

    Social media is an effective tool that all vacation rental companies should be using to generate site visits and leads. Using images that will pique the interest of followers and users on social media can help improve engagement and keep your vacation rental company top of mind with vacationers for your area. Some of the best images to use in social media are branded sharable images.

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  • Facebook Puts More Emphasis on Facebook Ads

    Facebook has now announced that starting in January the algorithm which determines post rankings will be changing to reduce promotional post exposure through the social media network. Posts that promote products or services will see a great reduction in organic post reach when the new ranking system is integrated.

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  • 4 Internet Marketing Tips for Luxury Home Builders

    Luxury builders often focus their sales and marketing strategies around quality versus quantity, making every marketing dollar spent online even more important. Having an effective internet marketing strategy can be the difference between selling a multi-million dollar home and not reaching your sales goals for the year.

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  • 4 Real Estate Company Blogs That Rock

    Having a strong website that provides potential buyers with the information they need to make final decisions is critical to site traffic, leads and eventually closings. One great way to provide consumers with this information is through blogs. If your real estate company has a strong blog that provides the information buyers desire, your company will stay top of mind and be se ...

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  • Does Your Website Still have These Outdated Elements?

    Your website is the face of your business online. No matter what industry your company is a member of, having a website that effectively conveys your company’s message, attracts visitors, gains leads and attains sales is critical to success. The internet and website best practices are constantly in flux.

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  • How to Influence Renters Making 2015 Plans Over the Holidays

    When families get together during the holidays, they often discuss their vacation plans for the upcoming year. If you can reach them at this crucial planning point, you may be able to influence their decisions. You can do this by emailing very helpful, targeted content to your past guests and by providing targeted content via your social networks.

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