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  • Endless Task List? What To Do First… When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

    >> DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS A PDF FILE TO SAVE OR SHARE I used to be a productivity MACHINE. What the hell happened?! When did things get so off track? What changed exactly - and why? As I'm writing this, I feel completely overwhelmed with the number of things I should be doing right now. Or the number of things that need to be done, and what order they should be done in.

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  • Behind The Scenes With Lynn Terry (A Peak Inside My Mind, Life, Tasks & Goals)

    >> DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS A PDF FILE TO SAVE OR SHARE Fair Warning: this is me "thinking out loud." A public ramble, up for open discussion. Plus an inside look at what's going on in my life and online business... and where I'm headed next with it all. 😉 Things haven't been all that great here lately. I can't even call it "organized chaos" anymore like I usually do, lol.

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  • How She Got 2 MILLION Pageviews in ONE Day

    Discover how POWERFUL social media is for getting traffic & making sales online (with proof!). Plus some free resources & creative ideas you'll LOVE... even if you're skeptical and resistant - like I was. To the left is a screenshot of one of my social media updates, shared earlier today, that is performing VERY well.

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  • Amazon offers Fixed 12% Commission on Native Shopping Ads in April 2017

    Do you use the Amazon affiliate program? If not, you should! I'll give you some of MY Amazon stats in a second to inspire you a little. And as an extra incentive, they are offering 12% FIXED commission on their Native Shipping Ads during the month of April! That's a SWEET deal, and a great incentive to start using their Native Shopping Ads.

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  • Easy Animated Graphics & Social Media Quotes

    I'm testing out a brand new social marketing software. It's SO new that I'm still figuring out what all it does, which so far... is A LOT. I wouldn't personally call it a "social marketing tool" and it's not really software either. It's a web based application you can access from anywhere to create amazing graphics that you can use in your blog posts (like the example above) ...

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  • Get Your First 1,000 True Fans & Customers

    What if you had 1,000 true fans for your blog or business? Not just visitors, but TRUE FANS and customers... How would that affect your business - and your revenue? It would have a HUGE impact. I can say that with full confidence, from my own personal experience. Every one of those people have friends, family and even "fans" of their own.

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  • This will probably offend you.

    This may across as rambling, or maybe a rant, or perhaps something good will come out of it - for both you and for me. It's hard to say as I sit down to write this, with the thoughts swirling in my mind like the makings of a hurricane... We need to talk. Or I do, at least... I'm just going to talk openly if that's okay. We'll see where it takes us.

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  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates To Make Sales

    I've been working with a new interactive sales copy creating software that was released last week, and having SO much fun with it! It's called Script Engage 2.0 and it's still on sale (and even cheaper with coupon code: 5offscript). I've mentioned before that I despise writing sales copy or promotional material, and it's definitely NOT my strong suit.

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  • FIVE people are about to get VERY lucky :)

    I have never done anything like this before, and I'm quite sure I'll never do it again... This bright idea came to me as I was chatting with Kathleen Gage about our next session together (I'll tell you what she said in a minute)... and when I woke up this morning knowing this is the week I'm celebrating 20 full years in business.

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  • New Software Creates High-Converting Copy… In Minutes!

    A brand new copywriting software called Script Engage 2.0 was just released this week, and it's creating A LOT of buzz & excitement. What does it do? Allows you to create highly customized, unique copy for any situation that fits with YOUR story, product and audience - in minutes! You have to SEE this for yourself...

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  • Successful Product Launch Checklist

    This weekend I'm working on my 2017 product creation & sales strategy and getting everything outlined for a super successful year - with this Product Launch Checklist. It's cheap, the entire done-for-you package is only $17.98 with my coupon code: LYNNSDEAL A big part of selling your products online is recruiting and working with joint venture (JV) partners and affiliate ...

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  • Are Your 2017 Business Goals Realistic – or Even Achievable?

    A friend of mine asked me what my goals were for 2017. My answer was sad: "Honestly, my goals are the exact same as they were this time last year." The minute I said it, I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I achieved A LOT in 2016, but my highest priorities and most ambitious goals in business - well, I didn't even come close last year. Why? A lot of reasons, but in hindsight...

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  • Smart Tips & Creative Ideas to Make More Sales

    It's no secret that I'm totally rocking it with my organic social marketing strategy. I shared exactly how, with live examples of what I do and why I do it in my Super Affiliate Tricks training series. That was a BIG eye-opener for everyone that has enjoyed the training so far. What I do online is SO simple... yet so effective.

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