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  • Successful Product Launch Checklist

    This weekend I'm working on my 2017 product creation & sales strategy and getting everything outlined for a super successful year - with this Product Launch Checklist. It's cheap, the entire done-for-you package is only $17.98 with my coupon code: LYNNSDEAL A big part of selling your products online is recruiting and working with joint venture (JV) partners and affiliate ...

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  • Are Your 2017 Business Goals Realistic – or Even Achievable?

    A friend of mine asked me what my goals were for 2017. My answer was sad: "Honestly, my goals are the exact same as they were this time last year." The minute I said it, I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I achieved A LOT in 2016, but my highest priorities and most ambitious goals in business - well, I didn't even come close last year. Why? A lot of reasons, but in hindsight...

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  • Smart Tips & Creative Ideas to Make More Sales

    It's no secret that I'm totally rocking it with my organic social marketing strategy. I shared exactly how, with live examples of what I do and why I do it in my Super Affiliate Tricks training series. That was a BIG eye-opener for everyone that has enjoyed the training so far. What I do online is SO simple... yet so effective.

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  • 6 Months To Live

    What if you only had six months to live, and in that scenario you were well enough to LIVE fully every single 24-hour day of it. Let's say that instead of a debilitating illness, you were simply given the foresight that your time here on earth would instantly cease exactly six months from today... What would you do? Perhaps that seems like a morbid question, or a negative thought to ponder.

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  • MyThemeShop WP Notification Bar

    We want our affiliate partners to make money too! That is why we offer the highest commission percentage of any WordPress Theme company on the net. All affiliates receive 70% of each sale. Become our partner by joining our Affiliate program and start earning money! You can also earn commissions by referring other affiliates to MyThemeShop.

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  • 6 Simple Ways To Revive Your Business Passion & Get Focused On What Matters

    There are days I look at my screen with multiple programs, two browsers, and a zillion tabs open... and just want to get up and walk away. I'm seeing a lull across the web, and have been talking to other home business owners too, so I know I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed and scattered with my online business. Or some days, just plain burnt out with it all. But wait! I LOVE my business.

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  • Simple Trick To Create Content Faster

    You're probably familiar with my personal rule to "create at least as much content as you consume." Or maybe not. That one usually shocks people, lol - but it's how I manage to put out so much content in so many different places online, consistently. I'll share a simple trick with you, along with live examples, to help you create content faster & easier than ever...

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  • How To Use Google Adsense For Affiliate Leads

    I mentioned this tip in the Live Q&A Sessions this week, but I wanted to show you a live illustration and explain how I use Google Adsense for "lead gen" as an affiliate... The screenshot above is a post I was writing on my niche blog this morning. Google Adsense is just one of the ways I monetize that blog, and I am always scanning the ads that display with my content ...

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  • Niche Marketing & Lifestyle Business Discussion

    I hosted two fun (and very candid) Q&A sessions on my niche marketing success, and on running a "lifestyle business" you ENJOY. They are full of live examples and great tips that you can implement in your own business right away! Here are the replay links, and the highlights of the discussion... Replay One | Replay Two Click the links above to watch the interactive replays.

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  • 3 Key Content Pieces You Should Create

    In my Traffic & Conversion Summit notes I shared this bullet point from the first day of the event: There are 3 key pieces of content you should provide at the top of your site, and use in your paid traffic campaigns: - A solid awareness piece - A solid evaluation piece - A solid conversion piece I'll expand on that point, and the function of those three content pieces, and also share m.

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  • Funnel Hacking: Proven High-Converting Funnels To Build Your List & Increase Sales

    I loaded up a cool download for you titled "Funnel Hacking" with expert training on how to create high-converting funnels to build your list and dramatically increase your sales. It's 91 pages of actionable tips and expert training, as a bonus to the Traffic & Conversion Summit notes. Here's what you'll get in the bonus: * Funnel Hacks Process * List Hacking Funnels & ...

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  • How To Write A Blog Worth Reading

    When you LOVE to blog, and people LOVE to read your blog... “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin How To Write A Blog Worth Reading I'm going to make this short & simple for you, because you could easily complicate the heck out of it... but that's really not necessary. So here you go: 1. Blog on a topic you ENJOY 2.

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  • I Still Love You, But…

    I just got home from San Diego where I attended the Traffic & Conversion Summit... just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day, which is my favorite holiday of the year! I have a standing tradition to take the entire day off to celebrate ALL of the things I love in my life. It's freezing here in Tennessee (especially after all that San Diego sunshine, lol) so I'm curled up ...

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  • FUN Challenge: BOOST Your Business – Fast!

    In my post with the fun Goal Setting Exercise I challenged you to do ONE BIG THING in your business every single week for the rest of the year. This weekly "mini-goal task" should be something outside your usual tasks, outside your comfort zone even, and specifically a money task or a business-building task.

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  • What will YOUR story be this year?

    How long have you been working online? Or how long have you been researching & learning, and desperately wanting your own successful online business? Maybe you've already started an online business, but you're struggling to reach your financial goals. Whatever the case, something is holding you back from reaching your true profit potential.

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  • Why $0 Is My Favorite Number

    While I was at an event in Phoenix last month, we had some great conversations around the fire pit at night. One of the topics I thought you'd enjoy was when I shared why ZERO is my favorite number. As in $0 (yes, zero dollars). It's all about scalability, or "scaling it up." I've often said, do more of what works and less of what doesn't. That's exactly what I'm referring to here...

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  • Content Cash: Make Easy Money With Content

    You've likely heard of Alice Seba's Content Cash Flow program by now. If not, I'll give you the details. But what I really want to share with you in this post is the HOW TO - or some real examples of how you can make easy money with content. My coupon code and bonus (10 Ready-to-Sell PLR Products) are still valid.

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