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  • Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Creative Can’t Be SMBs’ Only Choice

    Facebook has risen from questionable marketing platform to one of the dominant powers in digital media in a relatively short period of time. And while the platform made $27 billion in ad revenue in 2016, it has ambitions to venture into creative services as well. The platforms’ Creative Hub allows marketers to build and test mobile ads, and Facebook has recently begun to appe ...

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  • Bypassing the Hurdles to Bring Programmatic to SMB Advertisers

    Programmatic has remained one of the hottest trends in digital advertising over the past five years, but the increased spending and popularity haven’t come without difficulty or controversy. The latest struggle is on the agency side, where many shops are sprinting to keep up with client demand, trying to integrate programmatic ad buying across their organization.

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  • How the SMB/Local Advertising Community Can Avoid ‘Bad Ads’

    Image is everything in advertising — and that might be even more true for digital, where it’s almost too easy for consumers’ eyes to skim past ads. Believe it or not, image is also important to the software necessary for serving those ads, as failing to meet certain creative standards may actually prevent ads from ever reaching a consumer.

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  • How the Tech Emerging From CES Could Impact Local Advertisers

    Most SMB advertisers won’t be immediately leveraging the technology unveiled recently at CES in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tap into the excitement that the show generates with consumers and businesses alike. CES is no longer simply a show about TVs, cars and cell phone cases — it now represents the best of what humanity can really do when focused on collaboration and innovation.

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