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  • 4 Simple Productivity Hacks That Will Transform Your Startup Forever

    You’re all charged up after launching your business. But a few months after the launch, your excitement starts to wane. You watch TV instead of fixing your broken product. You surf the online waters instead of reviewing your customers’ complaints. Then you spend a day tweaking your landing page instead of finishing yesterday’s tasks.

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  • Can Trump Help Small Businesses in the USA?

    After the citizens of the United States voted Donald Trump in as their new President, people have had mixed reactions. Individuals and business owners have varying opinions on how events will turn out with Trump at the helm. Trump photo by Gage Skidmore ~ click image to see on Flickr As Trump comes to the end of his first 100 days in office, there is no doubt that many busine ...

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  • Business Growth Starts with Defining the Term: Entrepreneur

    Business Growth Starts with Defining the Term: Entrepreneur September 29, 2016 By M. Rafiq Leave a Comment I HATE the term “entrepreneur”. Yes, it perfectly describes what I do for a living. But, it’s so over-used and misapplied to people that are little more than unemployed enthusiasts. To understand what really makes a start-up grow and thrive, I think we should lay some ...

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