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  • Chasing Clicks Until We’re Numb Doesn’t Do Us Any Good

    Published 1 min ago 45 I just attended the world’s biggest digital marketing trade fair, dmexco, here in Cologne, Germany. While I was strolling through the exhibition stands I was promised accurate measurement, intelligent use of big data, native advertising, and a whole lot of reach. Performance marketing seemed to dominate the landscape. And it got me thinking.

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  • The New Marketing Mindset: Nobody Is Waiting for Your Content

    Published 1 min ago 38 I know you won’t like this, but I have some news for you: Nobody is sitting around waiting for your content to appear. Many businesses who are betting on acquiring and retaining customers with content act as if the whole world has been waiting for it—as if it were inherently bound to get attention once it’s made available for public consumption.

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  • From Content Marketing to Marketing Content

    As the amount of Content pushed out there is increasing minute by minute, a shift is happening as I write these lines. One could say that we’re moving from content marketing to marketing content. I think everyone can agree on the fact that hitting the “publish” button isn’t enough anymore. I started blogging back in 2010 (on a blog which doesn’t exist anymore) and I can remem ...

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  • Shining Light on “Dark Social” Sharing

    Other Networks, Shared Media Published 4 hours ago | By: Maël Roth In late 2012, Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, published an article titled “Dark Social: We have the whole history of the web wrong.” The article did not go unnoticed: over 5,000 tweets, nearly the same amount of shares on Facebook and 2,100 pluses on Google+.

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