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  • 3 Ideas to Steal from Unbounce’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Marketing Campaign

    When’s the last time you felt special? Go ahead… close your eyes and visualize the last time your boss called you out in a group to recognize your excellent performance. Or the last time your grandmother mailed you a special batch of your favorite cookies. Now, imagine being able to replicate that feeling for your audience with a marketing campaign.

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  • How Hotjar Gained 60+ New Trial Signups a Month with a Single Overlay

    Hotjar’s content experiment with overlays is turning website visitors into new customers. Here’s how. If you Google “Content is king,” here’s what you’ll find: More than 37 million Google results that justify how important content is online. It’s a tired phrase, but it’s true. At Unbounce, for instance, our blog has been invaluable in growing our digital footprint and our business.

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  • Do Video Backgrounds Help or Hurt Conversions?

    Not everything that glitters is gold. Only by testing can you know for sure if you’ve hit the jackpot. Image via Shutterstock. So far, video backgrounds have been implemented fairly successfully on websites (they add a certain cool-factor, right?), but there is some debate over whether or not they should be used on landing pages.

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