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  • Why influencers are not programmatic

    Influence relationship management and marketing is one of my favorite topics to discuss with clients, and it’s a topic I’ve addressed before. Long before influencer marketing became an industry buzzword, consumers were reacting positively to branded messages from experts and key opinion leaders.

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  • Tackling social media myths

    As communications professionals, regardless of our discipline, we can probably all agree that our industry experiences near-constant change. Daily updates to communications and metrics tools, and changes in how and where consumers react to our communications, are now the norm. Just look at social media.

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  • Influencer marketing: You’re doing it all wrong

    Once upon a time, great brand strategists understood that one of the best ways to reach consumers was through the people they love and align with. At its core, it’s a great idea! Get leaders, celebrities or someone with an audience you want to reach to talk about your brand and influence their fans to check you out.

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  • Live from your brand: streaming video and the new consumer connection

    Tiny screens are poised to rule the world. And if content marketing on these tiny devices is king, video content is the crown jewel. Video is no longer “on the rise.” It’s literally taking over. According to a very recent trend report, internet video will make up 80 percent of all consumer traffic in 2019. That’s a lot of traffic.

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  • Want consumers to be more loyal? Be more social.

    With all the information and technology available today, the power has shifted from the brand to the consumer. Your consumer has the power to turn your brand off or on, to listen or to watch, to act and learn more or ignore. So how do you make sure consumers always choose you? Many brands are finding success by building loyalty programs around a product or service.

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  • Dark search, dark social & everything in between

    In an advertising world where tracking matters more than ever — where understanding our consumers and knowing exactly how to reach and target them is top of mind — dark search and social can be terrifying to marketers. Getting past this fear and understanding the data behind “dark” is exactly what Marshall Simmonds tackled in his recent SMX West session on “Dark Search, Dark ...

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  • The New Face Of Public Relations: Tricks And Tools Of Today’s Practitioner

    The battle to earn consumers’ attention is on. But it’s not going to be won in a display ad or in the search box. It’s not going to be won on television or via in-store signage. It’s going to be won by brands that stop shouting at their consumers and start having conversations with them. And you know what that means? It’s time to take a closer look at the role public relatio ...

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  • Think Social’s NSFW? Not Any More: How Employee Engagement Really Works

    Still think social media isn’t suitable for the workplace? In an increasingly social world, I am so surprised at the number of brand marketers I speak to that still haven’t figured out how to leverage their biggest assets — their employees — to be brand champions. Though many companies would prefer to minimize employees’ time or activity on social media, if done correctly, e ...

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