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  • 11 Reasons Why I Love Feedly — And You Should Too

    I love Feedly and I love it even more now because they have launched features. The first time I tried Feedly was when Google discontinued the Google Reader. I even published a blog post about Feedly to express my gratitude. I wasn’t a very active Feedly user over the past few months. But recently I noticed that they launched a “Read Later” service of their own.

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  • Over 25 Hand-picked Genesis Child Theme (Premium + Third-party) Marketplaces

    When I want to start a new WordPress site, the first thing that I do is scan StudioPress to find ‘that’ perfect Genesis child theme. But chances are, I won’t find the perfect one. Then I would scan several other WordPress theme marketplaces, and get disappointed. At the end of the day, again back to StudioPress itself and pick a Genesis child theme that best matches my criteria.

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  • 21 Things Before Starting A WordPress Blog

    Image Credit: Flickr So you want to be a blogger? That’s great! Blogging is simple and fun but not easy. Definitely not easy. Even though you can set up a WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes, it takes countless hours of focus and patience to make things look the way you want. When I wrote the blog post You Can’t START A Blog In 10 Minutes. Period.

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  • The 100 Best Tech & Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

    I have always wanted to create a list of blogs that I love to read, share and link to because I think it’d be nice to see them in a listicle rather than just adding them to Feedly (my favorite RSS reader). Moreover, I didn’t want to add tons of blogs to my RSS reader as I hate to see hundreds of unread items. And hey, you should also have a list of your favorite blogs.

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  • ProRankTracker Review: Track Your Keyword Rankings Everywhere

    Image Credit: Flickr I do not track my keyword rankings that closely, except in a broad way. And that’s to know whether my overall organic traffic is up or down. A few years back, I have listed a bunch of free Google rank checkers but realized later that free rank trackers do not work. It may work at times when you randomly check it but free rank checkers are not something t ...

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  • The 100 Most Useful Websites For (Almost) Anyone And Everyone

    Google search, Bing search, or Yahoo search. But have you ever tried the DuckDuckGo search? It’s a search engine that doesn’t track you and has everything (like suggestions, image search, video search, etc.) you expect from a search engine. There’s a very good chance that we end up using only the most popular websites on the web because they are just everywhere.

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  • Over 61 Microsoft Products, Services, & Apps You (Probably) Don’t Know

    I have always wanted to list all the Microsoft products and services (just like I did Google’s). But Microsoft’s products are really diverse in nature and a good percentage of them are actually targeting companies and business users. Therefore I found it difficult to list all the products in an organized way. Microsoft’s products were mostly desktop applications until a few years ago.

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  • Minterest Level 3.0: Go Premium!

    I see three Levels whenever I think of my blogging journey on Minterest. Level 1.0 was the beginning phase (2006-2012) and it was apparently my learning phase too because Minterest was my first WordPress blog and it started as a personal finance journal. And then I started getting very obsessed with writing and spent many, many hours to compose a single blog post and that was Level 2.

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  • 30 Things I Absolutely Love About Your Blog

    A few months ago, I published 30 Things I Absolutely HATE About Your Blog — since then I have been thinking to come up with its reverse topic as well. That is, I wanted to publish a list of 30 things that I LOVE about a blog. Once again, it’s just my personal view and hence there’s a good chance that you would disagree with me — with some or all of them.

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  • All Things Amazon: A List Of Over 21 Amazon Products & Services

    Amazon is the largest retailer on the web. I’m not an Amazon fanatic but I like to shop online (or on Amazon). And I believe Amazon will become a lot more bigger than what it is today. For me Amazon was all about online shopping and shopping only until a few years go, and then I came to know about its dominance in the cloud computing space.

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  • All Things Facebook: Products, Services, And Apps

    Let me be honest. I didn’t even have a vague plan of writing this very blog post. The actual idea was to list all the products, services, and apps by Facebook — just like I did Over 201 Google Products & Services You Probably Don’t Know. And I even started writing this blog post with the title “Over 51 Facebook Products & Services You Probably Don’t Know” only to real ...

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  • You Have Started Blogging When ‘They’ Are Quitting It

    Are you getting it? Yes, I am absolutely talking about bloggers — professional bloggers to be more specific and not hobby bloggers. If you are a regular reader of Minterest (which I refuse to believe :D) then you probably know that I don’t stop criticizing bloggers (especially the so-called professional bloggers) when they are running a blog only to make money and then brandi ...

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  • Web 3.0 And The Future Of The Web

    I’m assuming that you already know how the web has evolved over the past many, many years. And if you are an 80’s kid then I guess you can perfectly recollect those HTML (actually static) websites in the 90s and early 2000s. Or, you wanna see it? All right. Here you go: Microsoft Apple MSN CNN Thanks Wayback Machine.

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  • Here’s A SaaS Pricing Strategy That You Might Have Missed

    I’m no SaaS expert and I don’t know about its best pricing models or strategies. However, I just want to highlight a “best practice” that I have noticed recently which I believe will help you as a marketer. When I did a quick research on the different SaaS pricing models I realized that none of the blog posts I have come across highlighted this particular strategy.

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