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  • PeerFly Early Scam Alert

    Yes, you read it right and coming from me the nr1 loyal supporter and promoter of PeerFly “MoneyFly” CPA network. Many of you may asked themselves where I am, and why I left CPA marketing. Since the biggest scams EWA and COPEC and rumors about CPATank for 2 years ago I have decided to stay away from CPA marketing and not trusting any CPA network again.

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  • How to get your ads approved on Facebook

    How to get your ads approved on Facebook Many affiliates having problems promoting their offers on facebook and we hear many times that ads been disapproved. People keep changing the offers and they still can’t get their ads approved. In this post we are going to talk about the most common reasons why this happen and how to solve it.

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  • Incentive CPA Marketing

    One of the most common questions asked by CPA networks is if you drive incentive traffic to your CPA campaigns. So what does it mean? There is many types of incentive, and the most known modules is Paid incentive, Points incentive and Content Locking. So basically its when you offer your site members or visitors something in exchange for completing CPA offers.

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  • CPA Marketing Dictionary

    One of the important things to know before you start promoting another person’s product (or looking for people to promote your product) is to understand the lingo used in affiliate marketing and CPA Networks. Below is a list of the most common terms associated with the CPA industry… Advertiser Can also be called a merchant, retailer, eretailer, online retailer, etc.

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  • PPV Advertising and CPA Marketing

    PPV Advertising and CPA Marketing PPV or CPV stands for Pay Per View and Cost Per View there you pay when people view your website or your offer landing page. Most of CPA networks allow PPV advertising and call it Contextual advertising. The cost per view is different from one network to another so the visitor may cost you anything between $0.

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  • Media Buys and CPA

    Media buying or banner advertising is one of the most effective advertising methods when it comes to CPA marketing. Many people have not tested it yet because of lack of knowledge or just because many internet marketers just overlook things in general. Many CPA networks will provide you with banner creatives, But you want to create your own banners since self created banners have higher CTR.

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  • How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL?

    One of the most asked question and confusing tasks in CPA tracking setup is How to use Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL? Its a bit easy and I will try to explain it for you in easy way. So What is Sub-ID Tracking? Sub-ID Tracking is a variable that affiliates use to pass data to a CPA network to be able to identify which click/ID that have generated a conversion.

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  • Case study – Dating on 7search

    I have made a test on 7search with dating offer from Convert 2 Media and the result was fine, So here is what I did: First of all I have created 2 ad copies to test which one gets better CTR and targeted 20 countries as follow: CPA Network: C2M Offer: DREAM MARRIAGE Payout : $5 Ad Network : PPC 7search Method: Direct linking Target : International Keywords nr : 400 Ad copy #1: Dream Ma.

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  • Mobile Marketing – Advertising

    Mobile marketing is growing too fast with all that new coming smartphones and pads. Lot of people today browsing the internet from their mobile phones to check emails, websites and to download apps. Many internet marketers and CPA networks optimizing their websites to make it mobile friendly. So they can benefit of that new traffic source.

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  • How to setup a profitable CPA campaign?

    Here I am going to tell you how to be different than 99% of the other CPA marketers, and how to start earning with CPA marketing. First thing that 99% of CPA marketers don’t usually do is Split testing. That’s what makes them fail or make it so hard to earn. Keep in mind to always split test your campaigns.

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