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  • The Demise of PageRank: What do we do now?

    Well, it depends on who ‘we’ are. If you own an online business, sit tight and don’t despair – your SEO consultant has probably got more than a few new strategies already devised. It’s what they do – after all – they pull rabbits out of magic hats. At least, that’s what it seems like. On the other hand, if you’re a digital marketing agency you know that’s not the case.

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  • 10 Accurate SEO Rank Tracking Software For Internet Marketers

    SERPs tracking is one of the essential elements for SEO and a key part of internet marketing. It is pretty important for each blogger and SEO professional to keep track of how your website positions change in response to internal and external changes. One of the most common errors that bloggers and website owners do is they don’t include target keywords into articles.

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  • How to find pages generating most organic traffic on your website?

    Let’s say you have a bunch of keywords you are ranking for and want to know which pages from your site are ranking against each of them. What do you do? You can run to Google Analytics (assuming everyone is using it). It will show most of what you are looking for. Click through to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages and it will show you which pages from your website ar ...

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  • Promoted User Posts Are Coming to Reddit. But You’ll Like Them!

    Ads and Reddit never go together. Never did. Of course, there were Reddit Ads, but that was a very sidelined effort that had it’s own restrictions. But, come August, Reddit will welcome marketers to bid on user posts, that’s right. According to Ad Age, On August 4, Reddit will debut a new ad offering called Promoted User Posts, which will give marketers the ability to sponso ...

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  • Is Click Through Rates an SEO ranking factor?

    Original source: Is Click Through Rates an SEO ranking factor? via DailySEOblog. Click Through Rates or CTRs as they are called have been under the radar of many SEOs for a long time. Some time back in 2014-15, many tests and independent researches done to prove whether or not CTRs a ...

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  • What are some good questions to ask for a SEO Job Interview?

    Find the right SEO and Online marketing candidates has gotten tough through the years. There has been so much change happening in the last couple of years in the industry that finding someone updated has become really tough. Interviewing has gotten tougher as well. I’ve had instances where the candidate corrected me a few times.

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  • 4 Ways How Blogging Helps SEO

    With google churning up new modifications to its algorithm on a regular basis, it’s impossible to predict a single solution to drive up your ratings. As we get comfy with the rules, Google is more likely to flip the switch, turning our strategies upside down, leaving us bewildered wondering what went wrong. But what are the absolutes that do not change? Blogs.

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  • How Can E-Com Stores Use Social Media To Get More Traffic?

    Do you run an e-commerce business? Then you are aware that the ultimate challenge is to stand apart from the hundreds of other e-commerce websites reaching out to the same audience. Social media has become synonymous with e-commerce these days. Studies show that a massive 93 percent of consumers use social media to get suggestions for purchasing.

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  • How To Find Out Top SEO Pages From A Website?

    Question for today.. How do you find the best performing organic pages from a website? For example, you want to find out all the pages from a website (any website that’s not yours) that are popular on Google and are giving them all their SEO traffic. How do you find it? Couple of different ways you can do it. Let me explain.

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  • The Definitive Guide to 75+ On-page and Off-page SEO Tips (Infographic)

    In simple words, SEO can be defined as a technique that helps you rank high on search engine results pages. It is a process of optimizing your website for search engine through the means of keywords, URL structure, meta tags, alt tags, etc, which in turn, helps you to improve your brand’s visibility on search results.

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  • SERPSTAT Review : An SEO Tool So Good, You’ll Switch!

    When I reviewed about 30+ SEO Tools, I thought that I’ve seen it all. Turns out I haven’t. SERPstat is one such tool which you’ll try and say “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?”. This is not a paid review. And I’ve tried this tool for a while. Of course, I’ve been using other SEO tools like SEM Rush for a while now but I regret not having tried SERPstat.

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  • 3 Important Things Every Inbound Marketer Needs to Know About Evergreen Content

    Every site that wants people to view their content, utilize their services, or buy their products needs marketing of some kind. Otherwise, how will people ever know you have something to offer? The word mostly evokes thoughts of advertising like banner ads, email lists, or even telemarketer calls. Unfortunately, people are mostly numb to overt advertisement these days.

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  • 4 Less Talked About SEO Mistakes Everyone Ignores, But Shouldn’t

    Every day, millions of people search the internet on just about anything and everything. They are almost certain that they will find what they are looking for. The only way you can ensure that these consumers find you is to optimise your website. SEO guidelines are dynamic and this will leave you in the dark on where you are getting it all wrong.

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  • How To Use Negative Reviews To Your Advantage

    Bill Gates stated at one time to use your unsatisfied customers to learn to better your business or company. All business owners have a hard time to hear criticism even if they know the words are true or have been stretched quite a bit. Along with this, the owner may feel a bit unjustified and even know that the information is completely inaccurate.

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  • 7 Reasons Why I Prefer SEMRush To Any Other SEO Software

    Of course, there are several SEO tools out there but one tool that consistently impressed me, over the last couple of years is SEM Rush. It started off as a PPC keyword research tool and today is a full on complete SEO + PPC suite. It has come a long way and has become this indispensable tool in any SEOs arsenal.

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  • How to Start a Fashion Blog?

    Okay, so you want to start your own fashion blog, but have no idea how. That’s where we come in. We are going to tell you how everything you need to know about starting your own fashion blog and it will take you less than 4 minutes to read the whole article and become reasonably conversant with the basics of the process.

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  • Best WordPress Migration Plugins for Moving To A New Host

    WordPress is so easy to work with once you have it installed on your server, but moving its content from one server to another? Daunting. Worry not. Moving your WordPress blog (migration) from one host to another host, for whatever reason, is made easy with these plugins. In a time when there are specialized WordPress migration services, these migration plugins are life save ...

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