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  • Three Lessons from the Dex Media/YP Merger

    Whispers of the rumored Dex Media/Yellow Pages merger began months ago — buzzing in my ear like an aggressive bee chasing a floral scented perfume. Already facing delay after delay in our efforts to integrate our tech into third-party sites, my company could hardly afford to pursue another partner with “lots of moving parts.

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  • Imagining a Local Search Pathway for Snapchat

    As a tech provider who — as a teen — once founded and grew a social network during the Friendster era, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help such businesses generate revenue. In fact, Facebook and my TalkLocal team recently announced a collaboration to power a call-to-action button that businesses can integrate into their Facebook Pages.

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  • Why Local Businesses Should Embrace Google’s New Rich Answers

    Why Local Businesses Should Embrace Google’s New Rich Answers July 14, 2016 by Manpreet Singh Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary You may have noticed that your Google searches have gotten a whole lot simpler lately. You submit an inquiry and see the answer you’re looking for spelled out at the very top of the search results, no web-surfing required.

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  • How Local Publishers Can Make the Most of Non-Local Traffic Surges

    How Local Publishers Can Make the Most of Non-Local Traffic Surges June 15, 2016 by Manpreet Singh Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary With the rise of social media and news aggregation sites, major publications aren’t the only publishers fielding national traffic these days. Any digital news source — no matter how hyperlocal its intended audience — can break news that ...

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  • For Brick and Mortar to Beat Ecommerce, It Takes Mind, Body, and Spirit

    When it comes to retail, the most important battle in the war of man-versus-machine will be decided by a single question: which are we? Are we chiefly mathematical, like some retail analysts argue, programmed to upgrade to online shopping efficiencies while driving physical stores out of business? While many onlookers think that increased comparison shopping, faster and cheaper delivery option.

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  • Labor Issues Aren’t the Only Hazard in Uber’s Business Model

    Uber founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp built a business around a single service. With no other verticals to juggle and few competitors to contend with, they were able to make Uber synonymous with one product: ride-sharing. In doing so, they charted a new course for the local search space with Uber’s infectious brand power influencing business plans and pitches — sparki ...

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  • The Conscientious Consumer: A Disruption Opportunity in Local On-Demand

    Local search innovators know that if they attract enough consumers, local service professionals are bound to follow. So, far from competing to offer the best compensation and benefits packages to attract the best independent contractors, startup founders are competing to entice the most consumers with maximum convenience, maximum security, and at minimal cost — even if they lo ...

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  • Lessons Learned From the Call Analytics Trenches

    It may be a long time before the true value of call analytics data is fully realized, but I’ve been recording the digital marketing revolution one (often uncertain) hello at a time. No, I’m not from the NSA — I’m the founder of TalkLocal, a local services marketplace that connects consumers to the right businesses by phone.

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