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  • 10 Keys to Selling a Website for Six Figures

    Wow, it’s been a really long time since I published a new post here at ProfitBlitz! I didn’t intend for that long of a delay, but a few months ago I went through the process of selling some of my sites and recently all of my time has been tied up in the process of transitioning my time and focus from those sites to new projects.

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  • 10 Reasons to Focus on Email List Building

    There are countless different things you can spend your time on when you are managing a website or blog. I don’t know about you, but personally I could fill just about any number of hours that my work week could possibly have, because there are always other things that I want to be working on. With a limited amount of time being available it is important to use your time on th ...

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  • How to Get 8,958 Email Subscribers in 90 Days

    About 3 months ago I published a post Zero to 5,273 Subscribers in 90 Days where I covered the process I used with one of my sites to start building an email list. Today I’d like to follow up on that email and show the progress of that project over the past 90 days. I know building an email list is a major priority for many people who are reading this and so I hope there is so ...

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  • 230+ Domain Name Ideas for Your New Websites and Blogs

    Choosing the domain name is an important step in the early stages of any type of website or blog, but it can be a big challenge with so many domains already registered. Personally, I really struggle to come up with possible domain names for my sites, and I know I am not alone. One of my go-to resources over the past several years has been this list of domain name prefixes and ...

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  • Using Upsells to Boost Revenue

    If you are a long-time reader of ProfitBlitz you know that selling your own digital products is one of my favorite ways to monetize a website or blog. Creating and selling your own product allows you to have freedom over pricing, benefit from the reputation that you have developed, create streams of steady income, and explode your revenue through an affiliate program.

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  • Zero to 5,273 Subscribers in 90 Days

    It’s no secret that email subscribers are key to growing a successful online business. With that in mind, building a list of subscribers should be a priority regardless of whether you are running a blog, e-commerce site, membership site, or any other type of website. Being able to stay in touch with the people who are most interested in what you have to offer will help you in countless ways.

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  • How to Set Up an Effective Autoresponder Sequence

    Email marketing should be an essential part of any blogger or marketer’s plan. During my first few years as a blogger I didn’t even attempt to build an email list, and it was a big mistake. Over the past 2 or 3 years my email lists have become a priority in my business, and as a result I’ve seen more stability in traffic, and I’ve been able to more effectively promote my own p ...

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  • 7 Tips for Using Freebies Effectively

    Image designed by Vecteezy Everyone loves getting something good for free. As a blogger or marketer you can use freebies to gain valuable exposure and reach a larger audience, and the best news is that you can use freebies in just about any industry or niche. I’ve been using free downloads with my own blogs for about 5 years now, and it is a strategy that has proven to work ...

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  • The Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Management

    Image designed by Vecteezy It’s no secret that selling your own products is one of the best ways to make money from your website or blog. This is especially true with digital products like ebooks, courses, and other downloadable products that don’t involve inventory or shipping. But one of the biggest reasons many people put off creating and selling their own products is bec ...

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  • How to Double Your Traffic from Pinterest in 30 Days

    Image designed by Vecteezy Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ get the majority of attention from bloggers and marketers, but Pinterest is a site that has become one of my favorites over the past year. Although all of the major social networks have become more visually oriented in recent years, Pinterest is almost exclusively visual.

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  • 17 Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Graphics with Canva

    Although most blog posts are primarily text, graphics and images can be extremely effective for holding the interest of your visitors and for improving your results with social media. With major social networks like Facebook and Twitter become more graphically-oriented, quality images can go a long way in helping your content to stand out, get shared more frequently, and attract more traffic.

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  • 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Unsubscribes

    Image designed by Vecteezy Regardless of what type of online business you are running, growing an email list is one of the best ways to build sustainable traffic and income. One of the common challenges that many bloggers and marketers face with building an email list is a fear of losing subscribers.

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  • 14 Social Media Experts Share Efficiency Tips

    Social media clearly provides tremendous potential for bloggers and other marketers to get unparalleled exposure. Many of the challenges that arise with social media marketing involve using your time in the most effective way possible. There are so many different social networks out there, and it is difficult to know which ones you should use and how many you should be focusing on.

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  • 5 Examples of Creative Blog Monetization

    When I visit different blogs one of the things I like to observe is how they are making money. The typical monetization methods like AdSense, banner ad sales, and affiliate marketing are what you’ll usually find. Some blogs, of course, have their own products or services to sell. Even blogs that use these common monetization methods can put a unique spin on it to do something that stands out.

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  • 11 Ways to Get Noticed by Influential Bloggers

    When it comes to growing your blog, building a social media following, getting traffic to a website, establishing your reputation in the industry, or just about anything else you could want to accomplish online, you’ll need some help from others. Blogger outreach is a common topic these days as many people have realized that networking with influential people can be one of th ...

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  • SendOwl Review: An Easy Way to Sell Your Digital Products

    One of the best ways to make money online is to sell digital products from your own website or blog. Other monetization methods like affiliate marketing present great opportunities as well, but selling your own products has several advantages like giving you full control, helping to establish your reputation and authority, and allowing you to build an email list of buyers who m ...

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