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  • Amazon SEO: A guide to improving your rankings on Amazon

    Did you know that more than 50% of online shoppers turn to Amazon to begin product searches? “Amazon has become the reference point for shoppers,” Jason Seeba, head of marketing for BloomReach told Bloomberg Tech. “Shoppers will go to Amazon first to find a product and check prices.” If you are looking for a launching pad for your products that your target audience likes and ...

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  • 5 ways to identify potential featured snippets to rank for

    Have you been wondering how to start owning Google’s featured snippets for your brand? If you’d like to earn those coveted “position 0” spots, you need to start by understanding what featured snippets are and how to earn them. By earning featured snippets, you can increase web traffic, boost visibility in Google SERPs, and earn the credibility you deserve.

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  • How to optimize your content for Q&As

    Google is perpetually improving its understanding of natural language. Google Featured Snippets and the rise of voice search optimization has made optimizing your content for question based queries more important than ever. You may have seen these Featured Snippets pop up in position zero after asking or typing a question in Google’s search bar.

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  • The Guestblogalypse: How to Get Links Without Guest Blogs

    Guest blogs are a popular link-building strategy used by businesses all over the world. And until recently, many were relying on guest blogging as their primary source of earned links. But a diverse link profile is essential to maintain ranking. So how can businesses achieve this? “The landscape of SEO and link building is always changing, and today, the importance of buildin ...

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  • How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets

    Google featured snippets are an amazing opportunity for marketers to skyrocket above competitors on page one, increase page views, and boost conversions. But what is a Google featured snippet? And does this SERP manipulation really work? What exactly is a Google featured snippet? Chances are, you have seen a Google featured snippet while searching Google.

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  • Why All SEOs Should Master the Art of Negotiation

    SEO SEOs run among many creative circles, and the art of negotiation is an invaluable asset when things simply need to get done. In fact, SEOs are leaders. They are the conductors of projects and client vision. However, getting web developers and the marketing team on the same page can be challenging. Negotiation skills facilitate effective leadership needed for project success.

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  • Your Guide to Creating Viral Link Bait and Infographics

    You know you’ve created the best content when people share your content, because they want to, not because someone asked them to. If people perceive your content as useful, helpful, relevant, entertaining or attractive, it has the potential to be shared and re-shared until it goes viral. This content is called link bait. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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  • Building your SEO strategy in 2017: what’s most important?

    If you’re wondering what factors to consider as you build your SEO strategy for 2017, links are still the top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm with content close behind. And high CTR is still at the core of the rankings pack as well. Earlier this year, Andrey Lipattsev, a Google Search Quality Senior Strategist, fielded questions about the top ranking factors for Google.

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  • How to maximise PR outreach for site visibility in organic search

    How can you earn those coveted links and mentions in news and media sites that generate an incredible influx in domain authority? When combining SEO, PR, and content marketing, you create a winning formula for increased organic visibility, brand awareness, and social amplification. In this article, we’ll go through the steps required to create a cohesive strategy that integra ...

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