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  • How to Get Control of Your Digital Content: Lessons From Intel

    Do you shrug when managers ask what impact your content efforts have on the bottom line? Are you tired of fighting about who does what with your content? Do you have too much content and need a better way to manage it all? Sure, everyone knows that content is (or should be) a business asset. But how do you make it so – and prove it? You might follow Intel’s example.

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  • How Marketing Must Evolve: 19 Leaders Peer Into Content’s Future

    What do you envision for the future of content from a marketing perspective, and how do marketing teams need to evolve to prepare? The CMI editorial team recently put this question to the pros who will present at the Intelligent Content Conference March 28–30 in Las Vegas. The answers fall loosely into seven groups: Build your online communities Reassess your processes a ...

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  • How to Architect Your Content Strategy

    The first thing that struck me about Denise Kadilak’s talk at Content Marketing World was the title: How to Document and Architect Your Content Strategy. We hear over and over that a content strategy must be documented … but architected? What does it mean to architect a content strategy? Why and how do we do that? What does it mean to architect your content strategy? To archit ...

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  • Stop Trying to Innovate With Your Content

    “Innovate! Disrupt! Your company’s future depends on it!” To me, this ubiquitous advice has always sounded as doable as, “Leap that tall building in a single bound!” What a relief, then, to hear someone widely recognized as one of the most important voices in content strategy say, “Stop trying to innovate.” Kristina Halvorson wove that message into her talk at Content Marketing World.

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  • Why – and How – to Map Out Your Customers’ Journeys [Template]

    In one of the most useful workshops I’ve attended, we created a customer-journey map for content planning. Before doing this exercise, I had only a fuzzy notion of what a customer-journey content map might look like, how to make one, and why anyone would bother. It turns out, this map looks like a spreadsheet. You make one by filling the cells.

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  • How to Get Your Fast Content Out of the Slow Lane

    Two weeks. That’s how long it takes a certain financial-services company to post a tweet. “If it takes you two weeks to get a tweet out, you’re doing it wrong.” So says Robert Rose, CMI’s chief content adviser, who told this story at the Intelligent Content Conference in his talk, Structured Experiences: Content at the Speed of Culture.

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  • Learn From Struggling Brands: Insights From the Marketing Trenches

    “I like the energy.” That’s how a friend recently described the e-newsletter written by CMI Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose. Content Strategy for Marketers started in January 2015. Week after week, Robert gives us peeks into his consultations with clients who are slogging it out every day in the trenches of marketing. One thing I like about Robert’s tales is their immediacy.

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  • Is Your Content Ready for the Mobile Takeover?

    Small screens, big screens. Screens. Screens. Screens. Oh, how many screens you’ve seen! Few people know about Dr. Seuss’ The Screen Book, sequel to The Foot Book. OK, he never wrote The Screen Book, but had he lived a few more decades, he might have. Electronic devices today are as numerous, diverse, and move-around-able as the world’s feet.

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  • How to Build Buyer Personas That Build Sales

    Michelangelo famously claimed that when he sculpted, he simply removed the extraneous. He didn’t so much create human forms as liberate them. He wasn’t imposing his vision on slabs of stone; he was revealing the figures within. What if we adopted this mindset with personas? What if, instead of creating personas from our imaginations, we found out everything we could about the ...

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  • Buyer Personas You Want to Use: The 9 Essential Parts

    Ever been part of a team that skipped over creating personas to get to the “real work”? Or maybe you had personas, but everyone ignored them. Personas are easy to dismiss. The problem with ignoring personas – as Ardath Albee pointed out at the Intelligent Content Conference in her talk, How to Develop Audience Personas That You’ll Actually Use – is that companies go out of b ...

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  • What Should Marketers Look for in a Content Strategist?

    The day has come: Your boss signed off on your proposal to get the help your marketing team needs from a content strategist. Great! Gulp. What skills should you look for in a content strategist? What are some good questions to ask? Where and how can you find the right help? Here’s advice from some of the experts who spoke at the 2016 Intelligent Content Conference.

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  • Adaptive Content: The Way to Your Customer’s Heart

    Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when CMI published it on another blog last year. We’re sharing it now because adaptive content holds more promise than ever for marketers who want to scale their efforts. Hey, there. I know you. I understand where you are. I get what you’re going through. I just might have what you need right now.

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  • 16 Common-Sense Reminders for Uncommonly Good Content

    I miss things that are right in front of my face. I spend long minutes scouring the parking lot for my car or searching the cupboard for a certain spice, only to realize – sometimes with the help of someone standing next to me – that the thing I want, need, and know like the back of my eyelids has been sitting in my line of sight the whole time. Marketing can be like that.

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  • Align All Your Messaging With This Simple (& Fun) Tool

    What’s your company’s most distinctive trait? What’s the most important thing your company does? What’s the main reason people should do business with your company? Do you know? Does everyone in your company know? Do your organization’s blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails, and other communications convey the answers to these questions in one way or another day after day? Consistency like t.

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