marcin struzik

  • Three Simple Ways To Improve Site Speed

    Think site speed doesn’t matter? It does. In fact, a quick (pun intended) survey of cumulative data reveals that site speed is one of the most determinative factors to successful online engagement. Consider the facts. 74% of mobile-users will abandon a site if it takes five seconds or more to load. On desktops, a three-second delay in loading produces a staggering 57% page-abandonment rate.

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  • Read This Video… A Look Into YouTube Captions

    Captions (also called „subtitles”) are a great element of every video marketing strategy, but also one that is often treated as a fifth wheel. But you know what? That’s as true as saying that YouTube is only for cats and pranks. Captions are basically a textual representation of audio that was used in your video production.

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