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  • 10 Awesome Blog Ideas for Starting a Successful Blog

    To write a blog, besides finding a really cool name for the website, its main topics need to cause an impact on people's life, be entertaining, something that I really enjoy and that I know a lot about, interesting, meaningful, hot, trendy… Oh my god! The list of requisites seems to be endless!! And, on top of that, it is crucial that there is still “space” to write about these blog topics, wit.

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  • 10 Amazing Blog Name Ideas That Are Sure to Inspire You

    If I had to pick one single aspect of a new blog that can really make it or break it, I would choose its name. Indeed, cool blog names may mean much easier success by sticking to people's mind, while a bad choice might slow significantly its growth due to its lower Google search potential. However, if you are reading this post, it is because you have already realised that com ...

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  • 5 Must-Read Business Blog Ideas

    When it comes to find reasons not to write a business blog for your company, people can easily come up with quite a few excuses: lack of time, struggling to find the midpoint between a business conversation and more informal articles, fear of being too transparent with your customers and, mainly, the challenge to find good business blog ideas.

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  • 7 Personal Blog Ideas to Create an Online Hit

    If you believe that the most interesting personal blog topics have already been used, I have bad news for you: yes, they do. Just try googling “personal blog about” plus whatever idea you may have, and it will show hundreds (if not thousands) of personal blog examples covering well your chosen topic.

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