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  • 10 Ways You Can Better Find the Time for Content Marketing Right Now

    I recently did one of the most enlightening things I’ve ever done with The Sales Lion—a reader survey. Essentially, we sent a short inquiry to our list with a few core questions, one of which was simply stated: What is your biggest content marketing frustration? Far and away, the most common response came down to one word: TIME Individuals and companies are struggling, mig ...

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  • The 5 Stages and Time-frames of Content Marketing Success

    “So, if we embrace content marketing as a company, and truly do it how you’re telling us, what does success look like? And how long would you expect this to take?” This, quite possibly, is the #1 question businesses have when they’re looking to embrace this thing we call “content marketing.” But the question makes sense. Creating a culture of content marketing success isn’t easy.

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  • Why Content Marketing will Outlive All of Us…By a Long Shot

    “Is content marketing a fad?” “Will content marketing even be around in 20 years once everyone has attempted to do it?” These questions and others just like it have been tossed my way in almost every presentation I’ve given on the subject over the past few years. And unfortunately, for many of the folks asking the question, this lack of understanding as to what content mar ...

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  • 7 Ways Content Marketing Can Be Used By Sales Teams For Dramatic Results

    Looking at the end of 2015 and ahead to 2016, the most critical issue facing the content marketing industry—other than getting buy-in—comes down to sales departments not just understanding what content marketing actually is, but how it can dramatically impact the bottom line of the company and their individual wallets. But the reality is, most sales pros just don’t catch the vision yet.

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  • 7 Honest Observations of HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 Conference #Inbound15

    Well, the moment has again arrived. HubSpot’s Inbound Conference has come to a close and currently I find myself boarding a plane for a quick stop at home before hitting the road (or skies) again next week. But while it’s percolating so actively in my mind, I’d like to discuss some thoughts on the conference, much of which stem from the mountain of conversations I’ve had wit ...

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  • 3 Essential Sections of Your New Website that You Haven’t Yet Thought Of

    It used to be that business owners and marketers would say, “We just finished our new website.” Today, that statement is quite laughable really. As we’ve all come to realize, a great website is never finished. Rather, it’s a constantly moving, evolving and growing entity that should, ideally, never stop. This being said, let’s assume you’re in the process of a web redesign.

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  • 5 Video Content Marketing Myths that Need to Go Away Forever

    It has been said again and again—We are officially a visual society. Whether it’s photos, video, live stream, etc—we want to see it, not just read it. And while textual content may be slowing down in its efficacy, video (assuming it’s good), continues to explode. This being said, there are still many businesses that don’t truly “get” the power of using video in their conten ...

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  • The Power of Working on YOU

    From Left to Right: Clay Hebert, Ian Altman, Rohit Bhargava, Michael Port, Amy Mead, Robbie Richman, Jay Baer, and Marcus Sheridan Anyone that knows me also knows I have a passion for public speaking. So far in 2015, after the first 6 months, I’ve given a total of 51 presentations and keynotes in roughly 20 different states/countries. For me, this is a full time job.

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  • Why All the Hate for the Digital Thought Leaders?

    Occasionally, a thought will brew within me for some time before I finally act upon it. Today is one of those times. Thought Leadership in the Digital Age I’ve noticed an odd trend online over the past year or so, specifically in the digital space (social, content, tech, etc.). And here is the trend: People love to hate the “thought-leaders.

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