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  • 6 Marketing Strategies to Speed Up a Longer Sales Cycle

    Have you ever purchased a car? Or a home? Personally, I rent and over-utilize Uber, but I can imagine that the typical consumer of these valuable items does not simply hop on Google, type in “new car,” and hit “buy now.” Along with real estate and automotive, there are a plethora of other industries known for their longer sales cycles, such as most industries within the B2B ...

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  • 6 Storytelling Tips to Tell Your Business Story Like a TED Pro

    “The greatest tool of communication given to us by Mother Nature is on the table,” says John Bates, CEO of Executive Speaking Success & Business Coaching. This tool he’s referring to is the power of storytelling! Image via Flickr I recently joined John Bates and some fellow Boston professionals in a modern, glass-enclosed room at JLabs in Cambridge to learn how to tell a ...

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  • 8 Steps to Master the Google Display Network

    Starting this blog post on Halloween took me back to the days of wandering up and down the streets of my childhood neighborhood. At the ages of 7,8, and 9 my neighbors and I were perfectly content with collecting Skittles, Starbursts, and giant candy bars from the house on the corner (that lady was the best), but as the years past we yearned for more.

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  • 5 Epic Content Marketing Tips from Joe Pulizzi

    What makes an outstanding presentation? One that pushes you to think from a new perspectives? One without an endless string of snooze-worthy PowerPoint slides? Perhaps gaining actionable items to implement and grow your business? Nope, you guessed wrong. According to the self-proclaimed poster boy of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi, a great presentation is one you go into wi ...

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  • Mobile PPC Strategy: Are You Missing Out On Conversions?

    I’d be willing to wager that you sleep with your mobile device mere inches from your pillow. You likely check your phone upon waking up, waiting for the train, and while scarfing down your turkey sandwich during your lunch break. It’s OK to admit that we’re all addicted to our smartphones, but what does it mean for your search marketing strategy? Take a look at these stats sho ...

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  • 3 Lessons Learned from PPC Advertisers in the B2B Software Industry

    Are you working in a niche B2B industry attempting to generate leads (that hopefully convert) through your PPC efforts? In that case, I can assume that you are also on the verge of throwing a baseball at your computer. Am I right? PPC is challenging enough, but with the added long sales cycle, high competition, and niche audience, getting leads from AdWords can make your sanity ...

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  • AdWords Ad Scheduling, AKA Dayparting, in 5 Steps [With Data!]

    Have you ever heard the saying knowledge is power? ... Well, then why don’t you have any idea what days of the week and times of the day your ads are knocking it out of the park in terms of impressions, conversions, CPA, or whatever other metrics are important to you? If you’ve been running your AdWords account a few months or more, it’s time to dive into the Dimensions tab (a ...

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