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  • How an Exit Strategy Helps Build Your Online Business

    I attend a lot of conferences and networking events, and when I introduce myself to fellow attendees, the topic inevitably turns to what I do for a living. When they find out that I sell websites for a living, they are quick to tell me theirs is not for sale. This is despite the fact that I haven’t even mentioned the possibility of them selling their online business.

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  • Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes When Buying a Website

    Buying a website rather than building one can be a great shortcut to an established online presence. Not only do you save time and tech headaches, you are also buying an inventory, customer goodwill, and online marketing. Sometimes that is something you can’t put a price on. But buying a website is not without significant risks.

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  • 21 Ways to Win Any Negotiation

    Whether we like it or not, our daily lives are filled with negotiations. Whether it’s trying to negotiate a lower television bill or sell our online business for six figures, working in the digital space requires that we hone our negotiation skills. In business, negotiation skills are an absolute requirement.

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  • How to Buy an Online Business: 8 Funding Options

    Editor Note: we know that buying online businesses can be a tricky business. As Mark suggests below, make sure you educate yourself and only choose an option that will work for you. While there are a lot of great reasons to buy an online business rather than starting from scratch, there’s always one major objection: buying an established website takes money.

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  • When Selling Your Website, Timing is Everything

    “I’d say that, to be a good deal maker, you have to have three basic characteristics – timing, timing, and timing.”– Richard Armitage When you are preparing to sell your website, there are a lot of factors which influence your value, but few have as dramatic of an impact as your timing. To be clear, I’m not talking about websites that are bought one day and sold the next (th ...

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  • 19 Things I’ve Learned About Buying Websites

    In July, I shared the lessons I have learned selling websites with Quiet Light Brokerage since 2006, but the seller is not the only important part of the equation. Buying an online business can seem scary, but if you go in knowing how to conduct a deal you’ll improve your success rate immeasurably.

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  • 9 Exposed Traits of a Million Dollar Website

    Want to become a millionaire? It’s easy. Start as a billionaire, then launch an airline. – Richard Branson […] Author information Mark Daoust Founder at Quiet Light Brokerage Mark Daoust discusses issues relating to the valuation and sale of established and profitable websites. He is the ...

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