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  • 8 Real, Data-Backed Predictions for PPC in 2018

    In the world of PPC, 2018 is going to get bonkers. Between Facebook making drastic changes to the News Feed and the “New AdWords Experience” set to become the only way to skin the cat, the rise of new ad platformsand the continuation of some of last year’s most popular trends, we’ve got a lot to look forward to (and probably some preparing to do)! To separate the most-probably ...

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  • Google Releases Life Events Targeting to Everyone!

    Keywords don’t buy your product – people do! It’s no wonder that Google is investing more into allowing advertisers to target audiences instead of keywords – whether that’s with remarketing, RLSA, similar audiences, demographic details, or even their newly improved customer match. Earlier this year, Google perked heads when they first announced that they would allow us to tar ...

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  • Google Customer Match Expands to Include Targeting by Phone Number & Address

    When Google first introduced Customer Match in 2015, it allowed search advertisers to create and target custom audiences based on a list of user email addresses in their Search, Gmail, and YouTube campaigns within AdWords. As advertisers discovered powerful best practices for using Customer Match, it became a sensation and Customer Match was expanded to Shopping Campaigns in 2016.

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  • Learn AdWords in Under an Hour with WordStream & Skillshare

    Learning paid search is hard – and it’s harder on your own! So many paid search marketers are self-taught, and it can take months to fully understand the fundamentals, create keywords, write ads, and launch your first campaigns – and then even longer to fix some mistakes you learn too late! But not all advertisers have the time to learn paid search, and even fewer have the budget to make mistake.

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  • Bing Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry

    It’s a shame that many advertisers overlook Bing. Although it started off small, Microsoft’s search engine has continued to grow in Google’s shadow and now, according to ComScore, Bing and its partners make up a combined 35.6% of the US desktop search market! Thanks to its native integration in Microsoft products like Office, Skype and Xbox, as well as Bing being the preferred ...

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  • These 4 Forgotten AdWords Best Practices Still Matter – Here’s Proof

    It’s been a full year since Google first released expanded text ads to advertisers globally – and what a year it’s been! Since they were first announced, advertisers were eager to begin testing the new expanded ad format, but many were hesitant to let go of their tried and true ads. Now that standard text ads can no longer be created in either AdWords or Bing, it’s time to loo ...

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  • 7 Data-Backed Tips for AdWords Ads that Work Right Now

    PPC advertisers said farewell to standard text ads last year and we began preparing for the new age of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). A lot has changed since Google first started selling text ads way back in the 20th century. Technology is better. The way people search has changed. And, perhaps most importantly, we're now in a mobile-first world.

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  • 'Purchases on Google' Enters Open Beta

    Google made big news and announced tons of new changes and AdWords features last month at their annual Google Marketing Next Event in San Francisco. And while we’ve all been lost in the hype over Life Events targeting and the secrets hidden within the new AdWords interface, Google secretly rolled another exciting innovation into their roadmap – the ability to purchase products ...

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  • 4 Useful Features Hidden in the New AdWords Interface

    We’ve already talked broadly about some of the new AdWords (and AdWords related) features revealed this week at Google Marketing Next. The event featured a bit of everything, from shiny new toys (circuit boards! New Google properties! Voice stuff!) to puppies. Unfortunately, despite fanfare and legitimate use cases for everything revealed, most AdWords advertisers aren’t going ...

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  • Introducing New Smart Display Campaigns in AdWords

    The Google Display Network includes over 3 million websites and apps and offers almost as many ways to target your display ads across the web. While all of this targeting gives sophisticated advertisers plenty of control over their ads’ performance, it can be intimidating to find the best way to start advertising or optimize your display ads.

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  • Coming Soon: Similar Audiences for Search Campaigns [Data]

    Google’s been the big dog of the search game for well over a decade and has AdWords advertisers have primarily focused on managing their search campaigns by balancing their keywords with different keyword match types and negative keywords. However, as more advertisers begin to look to other networks like Facebook (and its elaborate audience targeting options), Google has had t ...

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