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  • New AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions Drive Clicks & Sales for Retailers

    With almost two months left in the year, 2016 has already produced more online sales than 2015, which was a record-breaking year for online sales. But even with ever increasing sales, retailers know that for many products and services, nothing will replace the brick and mortar experience. As we’re living in an increasingly connected world, we increasingly turn to Google to fin ...

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  • Bing’s Expanded Text Ads Even Outperform Google’s [Data]

    Google shook the industry when they announced the arrival of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) earlier this year. Since Google released Expanded Text Ads in July, we’ve seen most advertisers jump to create and test out the new ad format, generally discovering that expanded text ads increased their CTR. Not to miss the opportunity, Microsoft announced that they would be rolling out Bing ...

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  • NEW AdWords Message Extensions Enable High-CTR Click-to-Message Ads [Data]

    For the past few years, Google has been driving home their mobile-first mantra as more and more people increasingly rely on and search from their smartphones. In 2016, they’ve put their words into action. This year, Google redesigned the cluttered desktop SERP to look more like the mobile in-line SERP, gave advertisers back more control of their mobile and tablet bid adjustment ...

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  • 3 Simple PPC Formulas Proven to Lower Your Costs

    When I was growing up and deciding what I wanted to study when I went to college, my mother always told me to study math. I remember her telling me that no matter what industry I went into, I’d always be able to find a job because everyone hates math and would hire someone else to do it for them. It was hard for me to believe at age 16 – in high school, being good at math cert ...

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  • NEW in AdWords: Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns

    Although Google has always offered advertisers a lot of control over which search terms their ads match on with different keyword match types and negative keywords, many advertisers often struggle to match a user’s intent to their searches. As SEMs spend so much time doing keyword research, building keyword lists, and reviewing their keyword performance it’s easy to forget tha ...

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  • Google Retiring Converted Clicks – How Will You Measure Conversions Now?

    AdWords is preparing to turn 16 later this year, and like all teenagers, it’s been going through a lot of unexpected changes recently. AdWords text ads recently went through a growth spurt as expanded text ads became available to all advertisers, display ads got their first make-over in years with the introduction of new responsive display ads, and the platform is becoming smar ...

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  • The After Effects of Brexit on Global CPCs

    Great Britain has been a major player on the global stage for centuries. Its empire stretched across seven continents and its people and culture span the globe. With the fifth-largest economy in the world, British companies have major stakes throughout all of Europe and abroad. The United Kingdom is a union of four separate countries and her ambitions have always stretched across her shores.

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  • NEW AdWords Price Extensions Rolling Out of Beta

    Google is treating advertisers to a lot of new changes this summer. Google announced several changes coming in May, but it appears they have a few more surprises coming out this summer. Last week, some advertisers began noticing a new surprise begin to appear in their AdWords account – a new extension called Price Extensions.

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  • Customer Match for Shopping Campaigns Now in Open Beta

    By far, one of the biggest announcements Google made in 2015 was the ability to target lists of users via their email addresses with Customer Match. For the past 9 months, our customers have been ecstatic to apply this targeting to the Gmail, YouTube, and RLSA campaigns, often seeing conversion rates from customer match over 3 times as high as their new search visitors!* Whil ...

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  • Did Google’s New Green Ad Labels Affect Ad CTR?

    The Google SERP is constantly changing. In fact, Google Chief Economist Hal Varian admits that they “ran six thousand experiments on search [in 2011] and probably another six thousand or so on the ad monetization side […] Google is doing on a rough order of ten thousand experiments a year,” in Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise.

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  • The New Google SERP: 3 Changes & 3 Things That Haven't Changed…Yet

    It’s never a slow week in SEM. Last week, the Wordstream office was enjoying a short work week, unseasonably pleasant Boston weather, and the birthday of our beloved Erin Sagin. And while we were all enjoying our peaceful weeks, Google decided to start rolling out the biggest change to the SERP we’ve seen in years by removing the PPC ads along the right side of the SERP.

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