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  • The Top Facebook Video Creators: January 2016 Most-Popular

    There were over 9.1 million videos uploaded directly to Facebook in January 2016, generating over 212 billion views for around 1.7 million different creators. But which Facebook video creators were the most popular? The 'Most Watched Creators on Facebook' leaderboard gives an exclusive look into the brands and social media stars who are generating the most video views on the ...

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  • 500 Hours of Video Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute [Prediction]

    Predicting the future of online video is difficult, but that’s not going to stop me from giving it a shot. What I do know is that Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others are now proving to be formidable video platforms, despite YouTube’s historic dominance in the space. On the heels of the Facebook Q3 earnings call, where Facebook announced they are generating 8 billion video ...

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  • 17 Video Marketing Tips for a Winning Strategy [Free Whitepaper]

    Did you know that video currently accounts for over 64% of the world's Internet traffic, and that number is set to skyrocket to a staggering 80% by 2019? Or that 85% of companies that invest in the resources find success with a video marketing strategy? Video can engage, entice, and entertain in a way that text never can, but viewers are becoming more discerning in their consumption habits, t.

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  • Facebook Content ID for Video is Coming, Addresses Freebooting

    If you've been involved in the online video space during the past year, you've likely heard plenty about the rise of Facebook video. Video on Facebook, after the introduction of autoplay last fall, has exploded to the tune of more than 4 Billion video views each day. While the rise of Facebook video has occurred over this relatively short time, it has not been without its issues.

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  • 3 Reasons Marketers Will Wish They'd Gone to VidCon 2015: See You There!

    With online video projected to account for 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019, VidCon 2015 might just be the most important industry event yet for marketers, creators, MCNs, ad-tech companies, brands, and anyone else involved in the interwebs. VidCon has always been the flagship convention for YouTubers creators, but with the explosion of interest and relevance of other v ...

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  • ATTN B2B Marketers: How's Video Working for You? [Survey] Does your company resist video marketing? Or perhaps they allocate some resources, but it isn't enough to achieve real results. Marketing departments need all the tactics at their disposal to change corporate opinions, and so that teams can transform their video marketing potential.

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  • ATTENTION: This is Your Perfect Audience for Video Advertising [Infographic]

    In a world where billions of pieces of digital content are vying for the viewer's attention across different devices, how can publishers and advertisers reach their target audiences and make sure that those audiences are receptive to video ad campaigns? The industry has worked hard to invent better ad targeting capabilities and techniques (behavioral, contextual, etc...

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  • BuzzFeed Video Shares Its Formula for Explosive Growth

    If you are in the business of content marketing or are active on social media, then you'll probably be familiar with , arguably the site with the most shareable content on the web. , BuzzFeed's GM of Video & VP of Agency Strategy, gave attendees at the 2014 ReelSummit a glimpse into the video marketing strategy that Buzzfeed employs.

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  • World’s Top Brands Head to San Fran for #ReelSummit Tomorrow

    ReelSummit, the world's only Video Marketing Conference opens in San Francisco tomorrow. It's without doubt the most important event on the calendar for marketers and brands wanting to dive deep into the latest trends in online video and gain insights to success. This year's schedule has been expanded to a two-day summit featuring insights from some of the world's leading br ...

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