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  • 15 Thought-provoking quotes about innovation and success

    By Mark Schaefer I was honored recently to be invited to be one of the 8,000 attendees at the recent Dell-EMC World conference where I got to meet some of the greatest minds in the tech industry up close. One of the exceptional opportunities was hearing three amazing keynote speakers with their own takes on creativity and technology … Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author ...

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  • How to become an influencer (even if you’re a little guy!)

    By Aaron Lee, {grow} Community Member If you’ve never heard of me, hello there! This is @AskAaronLee. Back in 2009, I started a Twitter account because I saw the potential to have a worldwide presence. And I was right. I’ve used Twitter to connect with people, grow a small brand, and became an influencer.

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  • Why we create crap content: We’re afraid

    By Mark Schaefer An industry “thought leader” recently characterized me as a “loose cannon.” I found this surprising since this implies there’s a set of standards and expectations that I am not following in a lockstep fashion. His statement pissed me off (momentarily), and I am not easily pissed off.

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  • HR and social media: 7 Ways HR needs to act like marketing

    By Mark Schaefer I wrote awhile back that digital transformation would not necessarily be led by marketers. Success may not come through a brilliant strategy or new technology. It’s going to require a culture change, and that might have to be led by and HR team. On the flip side of things, maybe success in HR will be led by marketing, or at least HR professionals who think like marketers.

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  • The true goal of influence: Persuasion

    We talk a lot about influence, but what is the true goal of influencing? Persuading. While I was far afield in South America for the past few weeks, Tom’s wife Tamsen sat in for me in this episode of The Marketing Companion. Tom and Tamsen talk about the relationship between influence and persuasion, and what it really takes to not only make an impact, but to change behavior.

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  • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

    By Mark Schaefer For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a project I’ve called the “re-invention of the blog.” My vision is to create a space that was more than content … it would also present my ideas in such a beautiful, creative and interactive format that the presentation would be as conversational as the content.

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  • Save this guide on how to moderate a panel discussion

    By Mark Schaefer I’ve been asked to moderate many corporate and conference panels over the years and I’ve become pretty good at it. So I thought I would pass along some of the things I’ve learned from my experiences. Save this post so you’ll be ready when it’s your time to take the stage! 1. Don’t worry about a preparation call This may seem like strange advice since I am al ...

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  • Five new content forms rocking the marketing airwaves

    By Mark Schaefer When I wrote about this idea of Content Shock — the idea that content marketing becomes less sustainable as a strategy as the amount of competitive content increase — I predicted that there would be new innovations in content forms. If we can’t achieve reach for our content organically, or at a reasonable cost, the market would find fresh new formats to get ...

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  • How I get more stuff done than you: Focus

    By Mark Schaefer I help a lot of people with their business ideas and problems and inevitably this question comes up: “You seem to be everywhere … how do you get all this stuff done?” My answer is deceivingly simple: FOCUS. I say “deceivingly” because it is such a simple word but so exceedingly difficult to achieve! As a small business owner, I need to focus like a laser o ...

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  • Content marketing FOMO and the future of marketing budgets

    In our latest edition of The Marketing Companion podcast, Tom Webster and I explore a couple of fascinating topics. The first is that marketers seems undeterred by the fact that most corporate content is not working, at least in a measurable way. Various research reveals that content marketing is not seen as effective by a majority of marketers, yet content creation budgets c ...

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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    By Mark Schaefer This is the time of year people post their prognostications for the next year. The predictions will be … predictable: More video! More Snapchat! More podcasts! Well, OK. It’s pretty easy to make a prediction based on what’s already happening. But there are less obvious tectonic forces rumbling through our marketplace.

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  • Will Snapchat snap?

    By Mark Schaefer Snapchat announced that it has renamed itself Snap, Inc., explaining, “Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.” I have a concern about this. Snapchat, er, Snap, is a fledgling company run by a 26-year-old guy.

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  • Economist Study: B2B leaders conflicted about content marketing

    By Mark Schaefer New research suggests that B2B content aimed at establishing thought leadership offers big rewards for those who get it right … but very few companies are getting it right. The Economist recently collaborated with Hill+Knowlton to produce a fascinating study called Thought Leadership Disrupted: New Rules for the Content Age.

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  • The business case for breaking the content marketing rules

    By Mark Schaefer There are so many tutorials, webinars, and free guides out there about how to create content for the web but nearly all of them miss one critical idea — the most successful content doesn’t necessarily follow the rules. It is uncommon. Here’s a step-by-step content creation process I saw in a recent blog post: Business strategy and goal setting Identify ...

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  • The disconnect between social media popularity and business effectiveness

    By Mark W. Schaefer A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a reader of the blog and he made an offhand comment that is still haunting me. This is what he said: “Of course it is possible to have a huge social media presence and look like a big deal while doing very little. You can automate just about everything.” Reflecting on this, it’s true.

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  • Social media pioneer discusses employee advocacy success

    I had a great opportunity to meet Dr. Juergen Brock, CMO of Fujitsu, and talk to him about some of his pioneering efforts in social media, employee advocacy, and marketing measurement. While many businesses are struggling with employee advocacy, Fujitsu has developed their own employee word of mouth dashboard and rolled it out in key markets.

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  • How to create a winning strategy with crappy content

    It’s not often that you see a blog post that makes you think, discuss, and maybe even a little sick to your stomach but that’s what Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo achieved with his controversial post “The Future is More Content.” Steve has put out some thorough, well-developed thought leadership pieces over the years and this post is among his finest because he brings up an ugly t ...

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  • Social media marketing lessons from my grandfather, the plumber

    By Mark Schaefer “Social media marketing changes everything.” I’ve heard that a lot … but is it really true? When I think about it, the fundamentals of marketing really have not changed that much. In fact, I could argue that they haven’t changed in hundreds of years. Here’s a marketing lesson from my grandfathe ...

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  • Three Ways Leaving the 9-5 for Entrepreneurship Improved My Life

    By Elise Perkins, {grow} Community Member Stress in the workplace remains a top trigger for the everyday aches and pains that plague the American employee. A recent Deloitte study further illuminates the reasons why this occurs: worries over making mistakes, challenging workloads, “urgent” projects which add to the daily deliverables, excessive hours, and face-to-face interactions.

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