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  • Why You Should Tag Your Inbound Links – Here’s Why #104

    When all the bets at a poker game get mixed up, how can you tell who’s winning? Proper attribution is essential for gambling stakes, and for your inbound links as well. Don’t gamble with guessing at what’s driving your traffic! Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric. Click the subscribe button below to be notified via email each time a new video is published.

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  • Why Google Is Indexing Fewer Tweets – Here’s Why #103

    Mark can be awfully picky about his food! And now it looks like Google is getting pickier about which tweets get shown in Google search. In this episode of our Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge gives the details of a study he conducted that shows some decline in the number of tweets being indexed by Google. Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric.

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  • Why Your SEO Has a Need for Speed – HW #99

    Hi there boys and girls! It’s a beautiful day in the Stone Temple neighborhood. You know, postman Mr. McFeely understands that delivering web pages quickly is very important. So I asked my special friends, Mark and Eric, to tell you why you need speedy delivery on the web. Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric.

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  • The Best of Stone Temple Consulting 2016

    Time to throw away the old calendars, and time once again to review the most popular content from Stone Temple Authors in 2016. I’ve grouped the content into several categories; click each one to jump to that section. Thanks for all your reading, sharing, and support this year. We can’t wait for you to see the exciting studies, videos, and much more we’ve got planned for 2017! ...

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  • How to Get an Influencer to Write for You

    When you are working on building your reputation and visibility online, you face many challenges. No one knows who you are. You have no audience. You have to find the time to create great content. One great solution for these problems is to get an influencer to write for you. But how do you get them to agree to do that? That’s the topic of this post, where I’ll talk about wha ...

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  • Why Enterprise SEO Is So Challenging – HW #97

    These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise SEO. It’s continuing mission: to explore strange new algorithm changes, to seek out new ranking opportunities, to boldly go where no SEO has gone before! If you’re involved with SEO at a large company, you face a unique set of challenges. In this video from our Here’s Why series, find out what some of those challenges are, and s ...

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  • Why User Experience Matters – HW#96

    You can get bogged down trying to optimize for the hundreds of possible Google search ranking factors, but far better to spend your time on those we know matter. One of those is user experience. User experience is made up of things like page load speed, ease of navigation, related resources and more.

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  • 7 Strategies for Enterprise SEO Success

    “Captain’s log, Starship EnterpriseSEO, Stardate 20161122. Soon after entering the Bigbrand system we receives a distress call from a planet in the inner revenue-generating belt. Rankings and traffic were down seriously. We proceeded at impulse power with all due caution.” If you’re involved in enterprise SEO, you may sometimes feel like you’re a red-shirt crew member beamed ...

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  • Why SEO Needs Better Testing – HW #90

    Real scientists know they have to set up tests and experiments with extreme care if they want to get meaningful results. SEO is both an art and a science and for the science part of it, we’re highly dependent on findings from studies and tests. So they deserve the same care that real scientists give their experiments. Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric.

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  • Links As SEO Ranking Factor: Still Powerful After All These Years

    Earlier this year our founder and CEO, Eric Enge, published a link ranking data study that rocked the SEO industry. Confirming the much-publicized statement of Google’s Andrey Lipattsev that backlinks are the most powerful ranking signal (along with content quality) in Google’s algorithm, the study showed a near-perfect correlation between the number of links to a site and its ...

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