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  • Automated Systems: When It Pays to Put Those Eggs in One Basket

    There are times when it makes sense to diversify and not put all of your eggs in one basket–when investing in the stock market, for example. But when it comes to workplace efficiency, it’s often worth letting automated systems manage multiple tasks using one convenient platform. Many entrepreneurs–small business owners especially–have “powering through” in their genes, so s ...

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  • Why Social Insights Aren’t Enough

    Not all social insights matter to every brand, nor can they replace talking directly with your audience. Seeing how data matches up in reality is key. So how do you determine which insights offer your brand the biggest return? Let’s explore that: Take it to the people Social and sentiment data is important as a starting point when creating a new marketing strategy or engagin ...

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  • When Social Networking Isn’t Enough

    Social networking is pretty marvelous, but it isn’t the end-all-be-all for making business connections. There are actually times when you’d do better to look elsewhere. This might sound like blasphemy in this social-media-driven age, but beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are online platforms that aren’t listed under “social networks” but offer equal or greater benefits ...

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  • Mobile Apps Have Disrupted Your World, So Why Not Your Business?

    You’re more likely to forget to brush your teeth than you are to forget your phone at home. There’s no study speaking to this, it’s just an intuitive fact. So if your business hasn’t either created a mobile application or isn’t successfully leveraging mobile in some major way, you might as well lose both the toothbrush and your phone right now, because customers won’t be talking to you anyway.

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  • Getting Customers to Buy Using Social

    Brands and businesses are eager to find new ways to make social the point of purchase. But consumers aren’t quite as gung-ho. Why? offers one possibility: “Now that anyone can place an order using nothing more than a string of numbers read over the phone or entered on a website form, security for all payments is weaker and more susceptible to abuse than ever before.

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  • 5 Content Marketing Tactics You’re Still Getting Wrong

    Brands and businesses are aware of the importance of content marketing, but many are still not seeing the return they’d like. Here are five common mistakes you’re still making and how to fix them. Thinking content marketing doesn’t apply to your business Just because you aren’t a major national or international brand doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from content marketing.

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  • Is It Time to Try a New Social Platform?

    The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” works great if you’re talking about nostalgic holiday traditions or how much you love a car that would be better off in the junkyard. But when you’re thinking about staying active–and ahead–on social media platforms for your marketing strategies, you need to throw tradition and affinities for just one thing out the window.

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  • Recommendations Can’t Be Random

    When content or product recommendations miss the mark, they can go from valuable to annoying in less time than it takes to X them out. Alhough social networks, native networks and marketers know that relevant recommendations are important, most have yet to master the art. And when recommendations are sloppy and don’t work, they deflate the interests of consumers, and can even offend them.

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  • Social Should Be Subtle: Ways You’re Misusing Trending Topics

    It’s hard not to jump on a trend exploding on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone wants their brand to be part of the conversation, but sometimes it pays off more to be selective with social trends. Savvy social managers know your brand should only hop onto what’s trendy if it makes sense. What does that look like? It can look like a lot of things.

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  • Retargeting: Your Creepy Online Friend

    Although consumers are increasingly savvy when it comes to shopping and surfing online, it can still be off-putting to see the pair of sneakers you were just checking out on Amazon pop up in your Facebook News Feed moments later. From the retailer’s point of view, however, retargeting is a crucial element for keeping consumers’ attention.

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  • The Good, Bad & Scary of Employee Advocacy Through Social

    You need your employees to help you spread the good word about your business online. Unfortunately, the way you’re going about it is failing, or worse – harming your brand, because you’re doing it wrong. Here are some tips to help you do it right! When it comes to “employee advocacy” many businesses follow the same path, sending a company-wide email with links to the latest ...

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  • #Snowpocalypse Shows Why Sarcasm Causes Brand Confusion

    Brands on their game are well aware that they need to be monitoring as many channels as possible so they know how many people are talking about their brands, how often, and what they’re saying. The really forward-thinking brands understand that it’s important to gauge the intensity of those interactions as well – to know not just that people love their brand, but how much they love it.

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  • Visual Hashtag App Markr Moves At Speed of Social

    Hashtags are such a part of our digital language these days that #almosteverything is automatically #hashtagged even if it’s for a Facebook post, to make a point, or designate the course of the conversation. Rather than recreate your witticisms on each platform you plan to post, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a visual hashtag attached to a single image that is distributed t ...

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  • Here’s How Marketers Late To Mobile Game Can Still Win

    Many marketers aren’t functioning at the top of their mobile game, and they’re not likely to admit it. But it’s time to get hip, friends. Mobile adoption is increasing and there’s still time to get it right (assuming you’re not already) – and win. And here are some stats to frighten you into acting now! Recent research from PunchTab shows the \"global mobile wallet market is ...

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  • Brands Need Passion – Here’s Why & How To Get It

    What really generated passion this Super Bowl, other than the intense fans of the teams on the field, were a couple of commercials on totally unrelated subjects. Though the feedback was diametrically opposed, each illustrates just how important it is to engage your audience – and how viral passion can be.

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