Mary Long

  • Using the Facebook Activity Log like a boss

    If you have strict privacy settings on Facebook, chances are you know WHAT your Facebook Activity Log is. Especially if you have the option set to approve posts before they’re allowed to your timeline, which is the most common occurrence. And which, by the way, you should definitely have turned on. For the uninitiated wondering what this Activity Log is, it’s everything.

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  • Deleting your Facebook page is foolish

    You know the saying, “You get what you pay for.” That’s often true. In the case of businesses with Facebook pages, you’re actually getting more than what you pay for, since – it’s free! So why would you not only look a gift horse in the mouth, but shoot it? Yet some businesses are doing just that.

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  • Third-Party Apps Are Gossiping About You

    Tailoring your News Feed to your interests and likes has been a core concept of Facebook since its early beginnings. But have you noticed that now, when Facebook recommends a store, brand, film, etc., it also lets you know which of your friends like it, too? When that happens, do you scratch your head and say to yourself, “Well, how do they know what my friends like?” The answ ...

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  • Facebook and death: Using social media to grieve and memorialize

    For many of Facebook’s estimated 1.3 billion active users, the social media platform has become an extension of their lives. Nearly every event is shared out with friends near and far. But what happens after that life has come to an end? Facebook has cornered the market on death too. In yet another indication of how social media continues to take over our lives, over the last ...

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  • Facebook is sucking out our brains one satire tag at a time

    In the latest sign that the movie “Idiocracy” was a work of prophetic genius, the big-brains behind Facebook are testing out new [Satire] tags, so that unsuspecting ideologues the world over will stop sharing fake news articles as the real thing. Because we’re all too stupid to know the difference and because we obviously care less that Facebook is sucking out our brains.

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  • Inspiration is the new currency for Facebook likes

    The Facebook marketing free ride is over (in case you haven’t heard), and brands are scrambling to find a free way to interact with potential clients. So what is the new currency for Facebook likes? When thinking of an insurance company, a college or a temp agency, most people don’t look to be inspired.

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  • How to lock down Facebook privacy — and zip your lips

    In the current era of data mining, account hacking and identity theft, cyber-security has never been more important. And an area that many people leave insanely unprotected is social media, Facebook in particular. Crooks have begun using social media in a variety of ways, from pulling our personal information for identity theft, to paying attention to when you go on vacation i ...

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