• Teespring Tutorial Videos # 24 – Using Aff Playbook For Teespring

    If you’re going to join Aff Playbook to participate in Teespring discussions, then this article is for you. Over the last few months, the amount of Teespring related threads on popular forums have increased dramatically and the same can be said about Aff Playbook. Since then David’s added a ‘Custom Products’ section for anything Teespring/Fabrily/Sunfrogshirts/etc related. 12 readers -
  • How to Start PPV Affiliate Marketing

    There’s a lot of misdirection with affiliate marketing, with people recommending all sorts of products and strategies. I’ve written a ‘beginner series’ type introduction to making money through affiliate marketing realized it’s a little too general for some to actually get started. For this reason, I’ve decided to make separate blog posts for those that want to get started with ...

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  • Why Accountants Make GREAT Entrepreneurs

    A lot of my posts have been very specific to detailed marketing strategies but rarely do I touch upon general subjects. I though I’d do so with this blog post. Something that most entrepreneurs SHOULD figure out after some time. We all have a friend that loves to talk about business. Every day they come up with an ‘amazing’ idea and how he can make millions from it. 3 readers -
  • Aff Playbook Review and Best Available Coupon

    Read this Aff Playbook Review before you decide to join. You can join through the below Aff Playbook Coupon if you want to skip the review. *(Currently, this is the best available Aff Playbook Coupon Code Available [Updated: 8/28/2014] Aff PlayBook Review I joined Aff PlayBook almost a year ago now. About 20 Days into my affiliate marketing journey.

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  • A Reddit Traffic Case Study that Got Out of Control!

    A few months ago I did a Reddit Experiment, (this post will be kind of like its case study), in order to see if Reddit was a viable traffic source for my blog. I know there’s tonnes of people that hang out there, particularly those that would be interested in the information I share on my blog, (online entrepreneurs and the like). 12 readers -
  • Teespring Tutorial Videos # 23 – Different Teespring Products

    Something unknown to many Teespring marketers is that Teespring actually allows you to make custom designs for more than just what they show you on their platform. They allow you to make designs for, Baby Onesies One cool thing about baby onesies is that there will always be a new customer demographic as there will always be new people expecting babies so you can relaunch ... 32 readers -
  • Teespring Tutorial Videos # 21 – Re-marketing to previous customers

    If you’ve been an affiliate marketer before all this Teespring stuff, you would have realized the importance of ‘list building’. Either you’ve begun implementing it yourself or at least have heard every second successful affiliate tell you that’s where the money is. List building is the concept of collecting emails of people so you can re-market to them again and again and again. 14 readers -
  • Teespring Tutorial Videos # 19 – Re-targeting on FaceBook

    Something Teespring themselves recommend doing and to some extent, do for you, is re-targeting your campaigns visitors on FaceBook. For those that don’t know what re-targeting is, it’s basically Facebooks ability to allow it’s advertisers to advertise to people that have visited their website. E.

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  • Teespring Tutorial Videos # 17 – Successful VS Unsuccessful Campaigns

    After launching 100s of campaigns, (almost 1000), I’ve started to get a pretty good at telling which designs will have a better chance of turning a profit and which designs that won’t. This doesn’t mean that every campaign I launch will be successful. In fact, I still hit a profitable campaign for every 10-15 I launch, it’s just that, more of these will not be complete flops. 22 readers -