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  • Scaling Programmatic Advertising With Dynamic Ads

    So you’ve tagged your site. You’ve identified some interesting audience segments. You’ve got some great data, and you are ready to go! However, data only gets you to the door. The creative is what gets you through (and keeps you in the room). Now, look at your creative execution and compare it to your high-level marketing strategy — how closely aligned would you say they ar ...

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  • Doubling Down On Audience-Centric Marketing

    After a banner year for audience marketing, it’s a great time to revisit the concepts I touched on earlier this year and explore some thoughts on what’s further driving audience marketing trends as we move into 2015. There are some major, exciting changes happening in the digital marketing space: the increasing importance of tracking and targeting users across devices; the d ...

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  • 3 Key Display Advertising Themes For Search Marketers

    Digital marketers’ jobs are not getting any easier. Whereas search marketing complexity arises from the sheer volume of keywords and campaigns that brands have to manage and optimize for, display marketing complexity is born from the dizzying array of players in the display ecosystem. It’s hard to keep track of the seemingly endless number of publishers, networks, exchanges ...

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  • The Shifting Landscape Of Mobile

    If you’ve been keeping your eyes open, the shift to a mobile-first world should come as no surprise. Even beyond the data itself, all you need to do is take a walk outside, step into a Starbucks line, or take a trip on a bus to see how many eyes are glued intently to mobile devices. Not surprisingly, advertisers have started to shift their strategies to think about how to be ...

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  • Use Contextual Data To Gain A Competitive Search Marketing Advantage

    Marketers have been dreaming about the possibilities of contextual data for decades, and as consumers have become more mobile and their behavior more quantifiable, it has only stoked those flames further. What's The Big Deal About Contextual Data? Contextual data provides an opportunity for marketers to gain a competitive advantage based on outside trends that may be unique t ...

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  • The New Data Currency In A Digital World

    The list of options on the performance marketing menu has been growing steadily. Whereas search had historically been the primary channel for direct marketers to drive leads and revenue, the array of opportunities has been increasing within the social and display channels, particularly given the rising popularity of retargeting.

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