Matt Beswick

  • Fighting the Fear

    Speak to anyone in our industry and, at some point, chances are that they’ve been held back by The Fear. Not real fear. Not in the way that a firefighter running into a burning building for the first time would feel, or a fisherman in a storm, or an ice road trucker, or this guy. But it’s still fear. Fear of your latest blog post making you sound ridiculous.

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  • The Seven Cardinal Sins of Content Marketing

    Writing great content is vital; it ensures that you are able to build a relationship with your readership and transform them from passers-by into customers and evangelists. Here’s the slightly darker side of content marketing and what you should try to avoid: 1 – Underestimate the influence content has (Gluttony) It’s easy to devour what feel like the big facts and shun mark ...

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