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  • Can You Maintain 150+ Customer Relationships? Overcoming Dunbar’s Number

    Every ‘expert’ will tell you that social media is all about relationships. It’s a way to be personal, a way for brands to nurture 1:1 connections with consumers and establish a kind of relationship that has never before been possible. As a social media marketer you can engage directly with your buyers, and become the steward of the customer experience. It’s an amazing time to work online.

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  • How to Use Twitter Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

    This post was originally published on the Twitter Small Business Blog. Influencer marketing. For savvy business owners staying up to date on social media tactics, it may seem like ‘influencers’ are all anyone’s talking about in 2016—and with good reason. A recent study found that influencer marketing pays an average of $11.20 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media spent.

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  • How We Pitched Snapchat to Our Boss

    If you’re a social media professional, chances are you’ve been thinking about Snapchat for a while. The platform is 🔥. Celebrities and influencers are all over it. All the cool brands are building channels. But does it make sense for your business? We have a lot of fun at Hootsuite, but at our core we’re B2B marketers, laser-focused on helping businesses succeed with social me ...

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  • The Influencer is Dead, Long Live Influence

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. Let’s face it: social media’s new car smell is gone. Facebook is almost old enough to have Facebook. Twitter is a fifth-grader. Content is saturating us to the point where nobody clicks anything anymore. Really, we’re at that point where lazy marketers ruin things. How’d we get here? Well, we’re all signed up. Everyone and their dog has Instagram.

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