Matt Lawson

  • Google’s Take On The Recent Changes To The Results Page

    As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Google (my employer) recently removed text ads from the right-hand side of search results. At the same time, it’s now possible for four ads to show above the organic results, albeit on a very small percentage of highly commercially relevant queries. Combined with the ads that appear below the results (which are unaffected by this change), a m ...

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  • New Google Research: Can The Long Tail Be Covered Without Broad Match?

    Google talks all the time about the necessity of broad match. As a representative of Google, I’ve argued the importance of this match type myself. I believe in broad match, but talking to a lot of advertisers, it’s clear that many aren’t believers. The common argument we hear is that heavily built-out exact, phrase or broad match modifier keyword lists are enough to cover the long tail.

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  • Six Steps To AdWords Conversion Tracking Bliss

    To those of you who are still using Converted clicks as your primary success metric in AdWords: It’s time to change. The era of the “Conversions” column is upon us. In the last few months, the “Conversions” column has gotten better and better. By following a handful of straightforward but oh-so-important steps, you can ensure that you’re using that column to the fullest of its abilities.

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