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  • As Google Doubles Down on Mobile, How Can SMBs Keep Pace?

    As Google Doubles Down on Mobile, How Can SMBs Keep Pace? May 24, 2016 by Matt Matergia Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Google has been refocusing its efforts to create a “better web” by not only increasing the importance of mobile-friendly websites and better mobile browsing experiences but by fundamentally redefining what the mobile web experience is altogether.

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  • Ecommerce Is a $341.7 Billion-dollar Industry — Can SMBs Get a Piece of the Pie?

    Local businesses can and should win in the new world of commerce. It’s been well documented that mobile shopping and e-commerce have been growing at a torrid pace and there has been a lot of money invested into the space. However, while all signs point to an impending tipping point for online commerce, the reality is that e-commerce sales still make up below 10% of total retail sales.

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  • How SMBs Can Capitalize on ‘Micro-moments’ in the New Path to Purchase

    A new Google and Ipsos study indicates that consumers use mobile devices more often, but for shorter periods of time. These short periods of time have been dubbed “micro-moments” and they are changing the ways consumers research and buy. It’s becoming increasingly imperative that local businesses influence and capture consumers during these moments.

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  • The Importance of Responsive Web Design for SMB Sites

    According to StatTracker, U.S. mobile internet usage has increased by 73% in the last year. As this trend continues, it’s clear that the mobile web is becoming a more and more important avenue for marketers of all kinds. In the multi-screen world we now live in, it’s critical for businesses to have a beautiful site that doesn’t just scale down to low resolutions, but also look ...

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