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  • [Podcast] Marketing Land Live #36: The Path to CMO with Deloitte’s Diana O’Brien

    Did you know that Deloitte, the accounting and professional services giant that’s been around for 171 years, never had a Chief Marketing Officer until last year? It’s true! And in this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live, we’re excited to introduce you to that CMO, Diana O’Brien. O’Brien started with Deloitte in 1985 and became CMO in March 2015, and this week she tells the ...

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  • Survey: 30% of Prime members order from Amazon every week

    Amazon Prime members are wrapped around the e-commerce giant’s proverbial finger. New data from Feedvisor, an e-commerce platform that works with Amazon’s third-party sellers, shines a light on how committed Prime members are to online shopping — mainly on, but also on other e-commerce sites.

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  • At, Black Friday began today

    Your calendar says it’s Tuesday, November 1st. Nevermind that. As far as is concerned, Black Friday starts today. Yep, the deals are already underway. The e-commerce giant has launched its 2016 Black Friday deals store at, promising new deals as often as every five minutes between now and December 22nd.

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  • Google Tag Manager now supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    Google on Monday announced a few mobile-related upgrades for Google Tag Manager. For starters, there’s news that Tag Manager now supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which opens up a variety of new measurement opportunities, as Google’s Ben Gram explains in the announcement: While implementing measurement solutions on AMP pages has already been possible, it can be confus ...

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  • Survey: Almost 40% of US consumers will make a mobile purchase during holidays

    A recent study from ad tech company Fluent shows that about 40 percent of US consumers plan to make at least one purchase this holiday season on a mobile device. And age is one of the key factors in whether the consumer plans to do any mobile shopping. The company surveyed nearly 2,000 US consumers in late September to ask about their holiday shopping plans, and found that 3 ...

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  • Facebook now re-ranks News Feed stories in real time on the client side

    Facebook’s efforts to make News Feed more accessible to all users regardless of the speed or reliability of their internet connections has led to a change in how stories are ranked. For brands, publishers and marketers using Facebook, it means that speed is more important than ever. To understand the change, it helps to first know how News Feed stories used to be ranked.

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  • Facebook set to launch international ad campaign for Facebook Live

    Remember that thing earlier this year when a Facebook executive predicted that the News Feed will be “probably all video” in five years? That’s still a long way from happening, but the company most certainly wants its users posting more video — particularly using Facebook Live. To that end, Facebook is launching an ad campaign this weekend in both the US and UK to promote Facebook Live.

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  • Google Surveys 360 joins the Analytics 360 Suite

    Google has announced big changes to its four-year-old Google Consumer Surveys product. It’s essentially splitting the tool in two: a new version specifically for enterprise-level marketers that’s integrated into the Analytics 360 Suite, and the existing consumer-level survey tool that’s been renamed and moved under the Google Analytics umbrella.

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  • eBay Collective launches with “Shop the Look” AI technology

    eBay has launched its second curated marketplace, eBay Collective, with furniture, fine art and home decor from hand-picked dealers. The new site promises unique home furnishings “that can traditionally only be found in independent brick-and-mortar stores,” and will have a content element, as well. eBay will handpick editorial stories from Architectural Digest and Archdigest.

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  • Just launched: Marketing Land’s new MarTech Today website!

    We’re growing! Marketing Land has a new sibling with today’s launch of our new editorial website, MarTech Today. As you can gather, this new website is dedicated to covering the rapidly expanding world of marketing technology, or “martech” as it’s commonly called. Marketing technology forms the foundation of most of what marketers do today, whether it’s social media manageme ...

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  • Amazon aims for faster holiday shipping by limiting new 3rd-party sellers

    Amazon is telling online retailers that are new to its Fulfilled By Amazon shipping service that they won’t be able to send their inventory to Amazon warehouses until December 19th. One merchant affected by the new policy posted the text of Amazon’s notification in the seller forums: Hey everyone, I got my amazon account and I got all the items I had for sale up into their s ...

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  • So you want to build a #martech marketing stack?

    As the martech landscape continues to grow, marketing companies of all sizes are learning the value of building a great marketing stack. But one mistake that a lot of them make is putting their focus in the wrong place. During this week’s Dreamforce 2016 conference in San Francisco, speakers Scott Brinker of ion interactive — and the MarTech conference chair — and Travis Wri ...

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