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  • Facebook’s F8: Everything you need to know [Podcast]

    So much Facebook news this week, right? Where do you begin trying to figure out what happened at its annual developer conference, F8, and what it means to you, your brand and/or your clients? You begin with the latest episode of our weekly podcast, Marketing Land Live. Tim Peterson and Greg Sterling were at F8 this week, and they join me for a wide-ranging podcast discussion ...

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  • Google Analytics is adding a new home page

    There are more changes coming to the Google Analytics interface. Today, the company announced plans to give users a new home/landing page that’ll show right after login. The new home page will show a curated set of data from various reports, including real-time data, traffic sources, user location, devices used to visit your website and so forth.

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  • Google Maps Timeline finally comes to iOS

    Google Maps users on iOS are getting a feature that’s new to them, but not to users on Android or desktop computers. It’s called Timeline, and Google first rolled it out during the summer of 2015. Timeline is sort of like a life log tool — it tracks all the places you’ve visited over a specific period of time.

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  • The Path to CMO with Taco Bell’s Marisa Thalberg [Podcast]

    Taco Bell has become one of the most creative and respected big brands around. The company has run several unique and clever marketing campaigns and ideas in recent years — several of which we’ve covered before. Marisa Thalberg took over as Taco Bell’s CMO a little more than a year ago and has continued to keep the fast food giant front of mind when it comes to inventive mar ...

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  • Amazon launches a metrics dashboard for Alexa skill developers

    Amazon has rolled out a pair of new features for developers who make skills for its Alexa-powered devices, highlighted by the launch of a metrics dashboard that aims to show how consumers are using those voice apps. The metrics dashboard is available in the Alexa developer portal, and there’s a separate dashboard for each skill that a developer has created.

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  • Newest perk for Amazon Prime members? NFL football livestreams

    The newest perk for Amazon Prime members includes Tom Brady, Cam Newton, J.J. Watt and other NFL superstars. That’s because Amazon is spending $50 million for the rights to livestream 10 games on Thursday nights during the 2017 NFL season, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s 5x what Twitter paid for the same exact livestreaming package this past season.

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  • Amazon’s newest idea: Online grocery orders delivered directly to your car

    Amazon’s latest foray into bridging the divide between e-commerce and physical commerce is AmazonFresh Pickup, a service that offers drive-in pickup of grocery orders placed online. The company says it’s built two physical grocery locations in Seattle, and its employees are currently testing the service. When it opens widely, the pickup service will be available free to Prime members.

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  • Google’s mobile-first index is (still) months away

    Don’t freak out. That’s what Google’s Gary Illyes repeated this week — at least three times — to SEOs and webmasters who might be concerned about the upcoming switch to a mobile-first index. “The team behind the mobile-first index wants it to launch this year,” Illyes told our SMX West conference on Wednesday. “We’re still experimenting. We don’t have a timeline.

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