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  • Local Marketing on Alexa? The Real Estate Industry Gives It a Shot

    On Sunday nights, you’ll find real estate agent Gabriel Fernandez at work in his laundry room. But he’s not washing, drying, folding or ironing his clothes for the coming week. Instead, Fernandez spends about 20 minutes there every Sunday night talking about some of the latest homes to hit the Northern Virginia real estate market.

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  • What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local?

    Despite the almost constant changes in the local landscape, here’s something that I think has been a constant for more than a decade: Google is synonymous with local marketing. Many local business owners know — or are taught — that a good portion of their online marketing success depends on their visibility in Google’s search results.

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  • LISTEN: Danny Sullivan reflects on 21 years covering the search industry

    There aren’t many people who can claim to have created an industry, but Danny Sullivan is one of them. When he first published “The Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines” in 1996, he attracted an audience of online marketing pioneers who wanted to understand how search engines of the day — think Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and the like — ranked online content.

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  • ‘SEO: The Movie’ aims to trace the rise of internet marketing

    Grab your popcorn. There’s a new movie that looks back on the history of SEO from the mid-1990s to today. Wait. A movie about SEO? Yep. It may seem odd at first glance, but as anyone who’s been around the industry for the past 20 or so years could tell you, there are definitely some interesting stories to tell. So that’s what John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, set out to do.

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  • SMX Advanced Live Blog: AMA with Google Search

    Good morning! Day one of our SMX Advanced conference is here, and it begins with a change of pace: Our traditional Google keynote conversation kicks things off today, rather than being the final session of day one. Our founding editor, Danny Sullivan, will be chatting for the next hour or so with Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

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  • The Path to CMO with SAP Ariba’s Alicia Tillman [Podcast]

    What can a teenager possibly learn from selling tickets to a public beach? A lot, says this week’s special podcast guest, Alicia Tillman. That’s where she had her first job as a 15-year-old, and it provided lessons that have helped Tillman grow to become the CMO of SAP Ariba, the B2B software and information technology giant.

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  • Yandex opens its content recommendations platform to all publishers

    Russian search giant Yandex is creating a new publishing platform that lets content creators of all sizes — from media companies to “ordinary users” — post directly to its Yandex Zen content recommendations feed. Zen, which launched in 2015, uses artificial intelligence to suggest content to each user. It’s integrated into Yandex’s mobile app, home page and the Yandex web browser.

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  • Behind the scenes of the Martech 5000 Landscape [Podcast]

    It’s no secret that the martech industry is growing like crazy. Just look at how Scott Brinker’s annual martech landscape infographic has grown over the years — the evidence is undeniable. There are now about 5,000 company logos organized into categories like Social Media Marketing & Monitoring, Mobile Marketing, Dashboards & Data Visualization and more.

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