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  • Holiday e-commerce sales crushed expectations, NRF says

    New data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) paints a rosy picture for holiday e-commerce. The organization estimates non-store sales of $122.9 billion in November and December, a 12.6 percent gain over 2015. And it’s significantly higher than the NRF’s predicted growth of 7-10 percent. The NRF’s numbers are in line with what others have reported.

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  • Get ready: The 2017 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl is coming soon!

    Super Bowl advertising season is underway, and Marketing Land is back with the sixth annual #Hashtag Bowl — our look at how advertisers integrate social media and online marketing into their Super Bowl TV commercials. As the game approaches, and after it’s over, we’ll also be reporting on how brands big and small take advantage of all that digital marketing has to offer when ...

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  • Amazon’s happy holidays: 9x growth in Echo family device sales

    Amazon’s Echo Dot, the best-selling item on this holiday season. Amazon had itself a merry little huge Christmas this year, especially when it comes to sales of its own family of Echo devices. Echo Dot, the newer and smaller version of the Echo, was the top-selling item on this holiday season.

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  • 51% of US adults have bought something online via their cellphones [Pew data]

    It’s no secret that the cellphone has had a huge impact on commerce — whether online or in-store. More than three years ago, we were writing about “showrooming” — when consumers research products in-store but buy online — and more recently we’ve talked about “webrooming” — the flip side of that. The latest e-commerce report from Pew Research Center offers new data on how sho ...

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  • [Podcast] Marketing Land Live #36: The Path to CMO with Deloitte’s Diana O’Brien

    Did you know that Deloitte, the accounting and professional services giant that’s been around for 171 years, never had a Chief Marketing Officer until last year? It’s true! And in this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live, we’re excited to introduce you to that CMO, Diana O’Brien. O’Brien started with Deloitte in 1985 and became CMO in March 2015, and this week she tells the ...

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  • Survey: 30% of Prime members order from Amazon every week

    Amazon Prime members are wrapped around the e-commerce giant’s proverbial finger. New data from Feedvisor, an e-commerce platform that works with Amazon’s third-party sellers, shines a light on how committed Prime members are to online shopping — mainly on, but also on other e-commerce sites.

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  • At, Black Friday began today

    Your calendar says it’s Tuesday, November 1st. Nevermind that. As far as is concerned, Black Friday starts today. Yep, the deals are already underway. The e-commerce giant has launched its 2016 Black Friday deals store at, promising new deals as often as every five minutes between now and December 22nd.

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