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  • Google’s mobile-first index is (still) months away

    Don’t freak out. That’s what Google’s Gary Illyes repeated this week — at least three times — to SEOs and webmasters who might be concerned about the upcoming switch to a mobile-first index. “The team behind the mobile-first index wants it to launch this year,” Illyes told our SMX West conference on Wednesday. “We’re still experimenting. We don’t have a timeline.

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  • Cutting-edge martech? 65% of brands have no plans to invest this year

    Marketers know that change is coming, thanks to new technologies like machine learning and virtual reality. But in a recent survey, almost two-thirds said they’re not planning to invest in those cutting-edge technologies in 2017. The data are from Bynder’s just-released “State of Branding 2017” report, which surveyed 562 “global brand managers and CMOs” in December 2016.

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  • Optimizely expands its experimentation platform to OTT TV

    Optimizely is extending its “X” product line to support experiments in over-the-top (OTT) video with a new tool appropriately called Optimizely X OTT. It’s an expansion of what the company calls its “Experimentation Platform,” which was announced in September and saw Optimizely move beyond A/B testing for web and mobile.

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  • Salesforce opens its Einstein AI layer to all customers

    Salesforce has unveiled its latest set of product updates and delivered on its promise to bring Einstein, its artificial intelligence (AI) layer, to all Salesforce customers. First announced last fall, the Einstein AI layer has been in use by select Salesforce customers like Air France, US Bank and others.

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  • [Podcast] Marketing Land Live #46: Snap’s IPO, YouTube TV and more

    All eyes were on Snap this week, as the parent company of Snapchat had a successful IPO on Thursday that immediately valued the company above non-tech stalwarts like CBS, Delta Airlines, Target and others. But there are legitimate questions about the future of advertising on Snapchat and how well the social platform can continue to monetize its userbase.

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  • Amazon Alexa surpasses 10,000 skills

    Amazon has announced another Alexa-related milestone: more than 10,000 skills are now available. (A “skill” is Alexa’s equivalent of a mobile app.) The skill that helped Alexa reach 10,000 is a musical game called Beat the Intro, which invites players to guess song titles based just on the opening bars of music before the singing starts.

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  • Walmart reports 29% growth in US e-commerce

    Walmart’s recent focus on digital commerce appears to be paying dividends. In its Q4 earnings today, the company has reported 29 percent growth in U.S. e-commerce sales, and a 36 percent jump in gross merchandise volume (GMV). That includes sales data from last year’s acquisition, as well as online grocery sales.

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  • Amazon matches Walmart, drops free shipping minimum to $35

    Amazon has lowered the minimum spend threshold for free shipping back down to $35, matching a recent move from Walmart and reverting to Amazon’s own previous minimum spend. Amazon’s free shipping help page now indicates the lower threshold for any product category on, and also shows that the $25 minimum for book purchases remains unchanged.

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  • Google Home to star in new Super Bowl LI commercial

    A year after Amazon’s Echo starred in a Super Bowl commercial, Google Home gets its turn in the spotlight with a 60-second ad that will air Sunday during this year’s Super Bowl. It’s not Google’s first Super Bowl ad; that happened all the way back in 2010 when Google ran the well-received Parisian Love ad.

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