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  • Three technologies you absolutely must have for better SEO

    Your website has to stay on trend to survive. Fast page loads. User-friendliness. Instant access to favorite news sources and blogs. Security… These are the needs of the internet browsing population. It happens every day. You’re walking the dog and reading the news on your phone at the same time or scrolling Facebook in the grocery checkout line or simply checking out some ne ...

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  • Is blogging still key to search engine ranking?

    A blog can still take you to the top. If you do it right. Everyone loves free information. And free information reels in customers. That’s why blogging is one of the best ways to do content marketing. How else are you going to bombard customers with a steady stream of content without scaring them away? According to Neil Patel, “Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more ...

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  • How hacking hurts your website’s ranking in search results

    When your website’s down, it takes your search rankings down too. The first page of search engine results is prime real estate. And every webmaster is trying to get their website to show up there. But just when you think you finally landed a slice of that coveted real estate, you find your site’s ranking has dropped like a rock. Sometimes, it means your site was hacked.

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  • Learn How to Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely Using SEO

    For a lot of business owners, SEO is an afterthought - when it's even a thought at all. Because many people don't understand the value of SEO, they opt to go with a marketing plan using platforms that are more familiar, which generally means TV, radio and print. While these outlets shouldn't be discredited for the results they're still able to achieve, it's time for business ...

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  • How to Speed Up the Link-Building Process

    Link-building has been a tried-and-true SEO strategy for years, but there are still many experts practicing this technique who aren’t aware of all the tools available to assist them in their efforts. Because the effects of the link-building process takes time to actually become visible in search engine results, it can be a struggle for marketing directors and SEO companies to ...

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