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  • Happy holidays from Search Engine Watch!

    As the year draws to a close and the Search Engine Watch team begin to sail perilously close to Health & Safety law by roasting chestnuts at their desks, all that’s left is to publish one final update before racing to the post office to send our letters to Santa*. All of us would like to say a huge thank you to all of you.

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  • How are beacons going to affect search marketing?

    Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the effects beacons and proximity marketing may have on search strategy. (I actually work for a company that makes beacons and management software, so it’s not just me being boring). I’ve found little doubt that it will bring some very fundamental changes to the way we reach customers, and the type of targeting and data management we’ll ...

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  • Why are we so bad at social media customer service?

    While social media marketing campaigns have always grabbed the lion’s share of the headlines, customer service is the area where the real battles for market dominance are being waged. Providing good customer service is not just about differentiation, it is business-critical. So… why is everyone so awful at it? There are a lot of reasons customer service isn’t up to scratch.

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  • Local SEO: Key challenges and tips from #ClickZChat

    In previous ClickZChat sessions we’ve largely covered content and platforms, but seeing as it’s a Twitter event held by both ClickZ AND Search Engine Watch, it seemed only right that we spend some time looking at search in more depth. This week we took to Twitter for an hour to ask our followers for their local SEO challenges and solutions.

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  • How to optimise your page images to increase site speed

    Google’s official slogan is “Don’t Be Evil”, but it’s long been rumoured that the company has a second, internal motto that they tend to keep under wraps: “You’re either fast, or you’re f***ed.” We’ve written about site-speed in the past, and there’s no doubt of its importance (if there is, stick around for the stats section of this post) but for content marketers, improvin ...

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  • Shift London: Are you ready to join the #Digirevolution?

    What makes a digital influencer? Is it follower numbers? The ability to find and create great content? Or just a genuine passion for transformation and digital change? On May 24th and 25th, we’ll be hosting our new Shift event in London, and we want to find the biggest influencers online to be help us drive digital change.

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  • Is Twitter dying? Insight and opinion from #ClickZChat

    It’s fair to say Twitter has had a fairly rough time of it in the recent past. The platform has struggled to grow its audience and, despite huge brand recognition, mainstream usage has proven elusive. So, can Twitter survive, or is it set to join the likes of MySpace in social network purgatory? We decided to take to (where else?) Twitter for this week’s #ClickZChat to ask ou ...

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  • Google has redesigned AdWords: what does this mean for you?

    Adwords has been around for a long time. When the first 350 users logged in, they were greeted by a stripped-back, spreadsheet-based display very similar to the one we see today. They were also possibly listening to ‘Bootylicious’ (but not on their phones). The world, the ad market, and Google itself have all changed dramatically in the past 15 years, and it’s fair to say that ...

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  • Digital transformation: are you asking the right questions?

    Twitter turned 10 last week. This post isn’t about Twitter, but it made me realise how long I’d been working in the social media field (it’ll be nine years next week). I’m reasonably convinced I got my first social role because I just happened to be doing social when the whole thing became popular. This happens a lot in marketing.

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  • Are rising follower numbers devaluing your social audiences?

    If you remember the early days of social media marketing, then you’ll also remember all those talks where you’d be told that if you could just harness 1% of Facebook’s total audience, you’d have a huge number of potential customers. In the end, it didn’t quite work out like that, but as user numbers have grown, you’d think that the law of averages would provide you with some n ...

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  • Can artificial intelligence save social?

    There has been a lot of talk in the recent past about the ‘demise of Twitter’. Will the platform continue in the future, or will it slide slowly into irrelevancy? It’s a complicated question, but not one without precedent. One only has to look at the fortunes of MySpace to realise that no social platform is too big to fail.

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  • How to use Facebook’s new Audience Optimization Targeting

    This article was originally published on our sister site ClickZ, but it’s so helpful we thought we’d share it here too. Another week, another Facebook feature. Over the past few years, declining organic reach has become a major issue for publishers using Facebook. While this is partly a rod we’ve made for our own backs due to our ravenous search for ever-increasing ‘Likes’, ...

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