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  • The game that shames you into putting down your phone

    Everyone’s got that friend who, in lieu of being polite, sits head-down thumbing through his phone while you try to talk to him. Now, thanks to San Francisco based interactive ad agency Traction, there’s an app that might just make your friend less, well, douchey. MOB is a social game you play with friends far away or nearby, and the premise is the same as an analog bar game t ...

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  • Asics offers NYC marathoners 3D statues of themselves

    Marathon running is hard. And in America, when you do something hard you get a trophy. In that spirit, Asics is 3D printing 550 mini-statues of actual runners competing in this year’s TCS NYC Marathon as a way to commemorate their efforts. The company wanted to do something fun for runners that also harnessed technology, said Shannon Scott, senior director of marketing communi ...

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  • The Army’s latest recruitment ploy: boy bands

    A OneRepublic concert isn’t the first place you’d expect to find the Army, which is maybe why they’re there. Waiting just for you. The largest branch of the U.S. armed forces has taken a novel approach to recruitment: a six-episode video series shot behind scenes on the pop-rock band OneRepublic’s tour.

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  • Dreading school? Sonic sums up summer reading classics in 10 words

    Summer reading lists are the worst, aren’t they? Who wants to actually, like, think during break? Yet schools across America assign kids laundry lists of books to slog through like “1984″ and “The Scarlet Letter,” assignments that suck the fun right out of summer. Sonic, which has plumbed classic Americana with high-tech drive-ins and magical ice slushies, recently shared a ...

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  • A 3D printed elephant that is also a petition

    World Animal Protection, an organization that seeks to end the suffering of animals, found a creative way to ask people to stop supporting elephant tourism. They turned a run-of-the-mill petition into a tangible thing, a life-sized 3D printed elephant, for a campaign coinciding with World Elephant Day.

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  • These ex-reporters want to save ‘brand journalism’

    For most reporters, the idea of “brand journalism” is, at best, an oxymoron or, at worst, a threat to their field. Not so for a trio of former reporters who have decided to cast their lot with a new hybrid tech PR and content shop that creates what they call “journalistic content” — paid media and branded content developed using tools typically reserved for reporters.

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  • Here comes Gen Z: What marketers need to know in 5 charts

    They make up a quarter of the American population. They’re impulsive, unpredictable and tough to relate to. They can barely speak English and yet marketers ignore them at their own peril. No we’re not talking about millennials, though it is tempting to make the joke. But just as marketers are coming to terms with that millennial wave of digital natives, another is creeping up ...

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  • 11 brands that should be calling Tim Howard right now

    Just yesterday the U.S. soccer team goalie Tim Howard was temporarily named Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia, and soon after a petition was started to rename Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after him. #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave was a massive meme, too. I defy anybody not to see joy in this ‘the dinosaurs’ pic of #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave pic.twitter.

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  • MLS turns soccer stars into superheroes — literally

    Did you see Holland’s Robin van Persie fly through the air like Superman during the opening match of the World Cup? It was incredible, maybe even superhero amazing. Check it out if you missed it: The notion that athletes are heroic is nothing new. Now, Major League Soccer has brought that idea to life in a new lo-fi, high-tech digital campaign for the World Cup.

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  • How Unilever is getting cozy with startups

    Unilever has taken another step on its voyage into the tech world by launching the Unilever Foundry, where startups can apply to pitch their technology solutions. With the Foundry, Unilever hopes to plug start-up creativity into its own global network, providing scale and support start-ups can’t easily find on their own.

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