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  • Good-Bye SBOC

    This is really not a ‘Good-bye’, but a ‘To Be Continued…’ story. If you haven’t already heard, we have merged with Powered By Search. and Seowpthemes I am sad to see us retiring the SBOC brand name and website, but super excited about our new journey. I thought to celebrate this new journey I’d peel back the curtains and share with folks how we got to where we are now.

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  • What SMB’s Need to Know About Google

    Google has changed a ton in the last 4-5 years. There are so many different variations of Google’s SERPs (search engine ranking pages) today. I think last count was over 86 and I expect that number to only grow more and more in the future. Now with the latest Hummingbird updates + personalize search + machine learning, we are going to get so many different variations of ...

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  • Toronto’s Meetup at InboundTO for Google Analytics

    Are you a bored home worker or SEO Expert? Are you still a student looking for a part time job or manager?… We bring you some great ideas about the easiest way to make money online fastly – Secrets of success. If you have never heard of Teespring before, we’ll surprise you with a lot of information behind this name.

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  • Quick Initial Review of WhiteSpark’s Local Rank Tracking Tool

    This is a quick review of Darren Shaw’s new Local Rank Tracking Tool. I’ll do a followup video in a couple weeks once I collect some data. In this video you can watch me set up a campaign for the very first time. I love that this tool is simple to use (perfect for small business owners). I am looking forward to more “white label” features for agencies (hint, hint – Darren ) M ...

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  • Are Google Local Golden Stars Back in Canada?

    I was pleasantly surprised today to see the golden stars return in Google. I have also noticed it’s not showing on all searches I do, so I hope it’s not just a test and that it’s actually coming back to local. I see it logged in, but not in “incognito”. I am only searching in Chrome… so not sure if browsers matter. If this is coming back, then this will dramatically help increase the CTRs again.

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  • Thoughts on Local SEO

    David Mihm just sent all us local SEO’ers the poll for LSRF and it got me thinking and review local seo over the last year. I thought I share my thoughts. Thoughts on Local SEO and Marketing Online for Small Businesses Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen the search engine result pages that Google returns for Local Intent searches get more and more complex.

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