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  • Lowering Operational Costs with Network as a Service (NaaS)

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CBTS. All opinions are 100% mine. For SMBs looking to get a handle on IT costs, networking solutions have been limited. If you’re running anything that’s remotely robust or complex, most solutions are costly, and nearly all require an IT pro on your team.

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  • Denver Startup Week 2016: The Largest Startup Week in History!

    In partnership with Chase Ink, I was given the opportunity to attend Denver Startup Week 2016. This year’s event hosted more 13,000 attendees and 100 unique sessions, making it North America’s largest free entrepreneurial event. Guests like myself had the opportunity to attend a variety of presentations, workshops, panels, job fairs, and networking sessions.

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  • Denver Startup Week

    I’m partnering with Chase Ink and attending Denver Startup Week on their behalf. Startup weeks and weekends may be a relatively new concept, but they exist all over the country; growing entrepreneurial communities in cities like Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Portland even have their own startup weeks.

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  • 4 Ways New HP Printers Make Office Life a Breeze

    This is a sponsored post. We've all been there. We're tapping away at our computer in the office, on a roll with whatever we're doing, when a disruptive groan of exhaustion erupts behind us. We turn around to find someone wrestling with the printer—again. Or maybe, worse, we're the one struggling to make the device work.

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  • 10 Top Secret Tricks and Hacks That You Can Learn From Computer Geeks

    Knowing your way around your computer isn’t just the mark of being more efficient, it can also be very impressive to friends and business colleagues. Having nimble fingers skilled with quick keystrokes will not only help you whiz between programs and applications, but will establish instant credibility when meeting with potential business cronies.

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  • How to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

    Simply put, social media provides your business with a medium for free advertising—but at the same time, it’s much more than that. Social media allows you to immediately test your audience’s reaction to new products and services, as well as the campaigns you implement online and the ways in which you interact with customers.

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  • The Power of Bing Search Marketing

    Bing can be found where one least expects it. Bing Network enhances search experiences on the Xbox and in Microsoft Office, reinforces local search options on Yelp, powers Twitter’s translation interface, and provides Uber’s extensive mapping unit. One in every three Web searches in the US are powered by Bing, and considering how involved Bing is in people’s everyday lives, it ...

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  • 6 Ways to Keep Yourself (and Your Employees) Motivated All Year

    Don’t we just love fresh starts? We all make a ton of resolutions at the start of the year both for our personal and professional lives. We want to eat healthier, work smarter, and just plain be nicer and better people. And it’s all hunky dory in the first few days of the year. But as January fades into February, our New Year’s Resolutions lose some their luster.

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