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  • The Conversion Tactics Used by the Best Twitter Marketing Brands

    There are plenty of Twitter marketing brands out there with a lot of followers. They get their retweets, their replies, they “go viral” every now and then, and they appear to be completely successful. But everyone knows that all of the retweets in the world will not actually make you any money. What you need to do is turn your social media followers into people who are on you ...

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  • The Funniest Brands In Online Marketing

    If you have paid any attention to some of the biggest online marketing campaigns you’ll know one thing for sure: Funny sells online. This is because laughter is deeply connected to happiness, and emotions are what truly drive people to share content. If you’re looking to use emotions to drive your online marketing, ‘happy’ is a good one for your customers to feel.

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  • What PewDiePie Can Teach You About Video Marketing

    PewDiePie is the single most powerful force in the online video world. Want to hate on him? That’s fine; he still has over 44 million subscribers. Want to have him banned from YouTube? Cool story, bro, but he still has over 12.4 billion views as of this writing, and he gains millions more each day.

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  • I Bet Katy Perry Knows More About Twitter Marketing Than You

    Well, that was a bold title for this blog, wasn’t it? It isn’t without merit though. @KatyPerry is the most popular Twitter account of all time with over 83 million followers at the time I wrote this. There is no success on Twitter quite like having a HUGE audience to send your messages to. If you’re to use followers as the sole metric for successful, Katy Perry’s a better Twit ...

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