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  • Ad Blocking and Its Effects on Advertisers and Publishers

    Published 13 mins ago 27 Ad blocking is nothing new for most internet users. Closing a pop up is practically instinctive, and more and more people are downloading ad-blocking software to their computers each day. Ad-blocking software prevents ads from being served. While most internet users are fine with this, many also don’t realize how much of an adverse effect it h ...

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  • How to Create Trustworthy Content That Gets Shared

    Published 1 min ago 27 The end goal for most brands during the content creation process is to create content that will be shared by both their customers and audience to their respective social networks. Most brands, however, struggle with this. Consumers are actually more willing than you might imagine to share content they see online.

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  • Boosting eCommerce Sales Without Discounting

    If your ecommerce sales are sagging, chances are that one of your tried and true solutions is to offer your customers discounts. After all, your customers seem to like it (126.9 million U.S. adults are projected to redeem online coupons in 2016) and everyone else is doing it (last Thanksgiving, nearly two-thirds of the top 1,000 e-retailers offered discounts).

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  • Local SEO Best Practices for Top B2C Verticals

    Look around. Your potential customers are on foot in your neighborhood and in cars driving past your office. But are you doing everything you can to reach your nearby customers? If your business isn’t optimizing local listings, you’re missing out on potentially huge amounts of customers right in your backyard—customers that your competitors could easily lure away from you.

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  • Tag-Teaming Email and Social to Grow Your Audience

    Published 1 min ago 29 For many marketers, e-mail and social are completely different initiatives; you might even have separate teams dedicated to each channel, and for good reason. Email is typically a middle-of-the-funnel channel, letting you share unique content with customers that highlights your product’s features and nurtures the relationship.

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  • The 3 C’s of Customer Journey Mapping

    Published 5 mins ago 44 We can be fairly certain that “the long and winding road” that The Beatles sang about wasn’t referring to the customer’s path to purchase. The phrase, however, is a perfect description of how cross-channel purchasing has impacted the customer journey. Only two percent of customers make a purchase on their first visit to a website, proving that y ...

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  • Thank You For Subscribing: How to Optimize Welcome Emails

    When was the last time you moved to a new neighborhood? Did your new neighbors or the local Welcome Wagon greet you with a wicker basket full of locally baked goods, takeout menus from nearby restaurants and a handful of coupons from local businesses? The classic welcome basket has always been seen as a friendly gesture extended by neighborhood regulars to invite new members into the community.

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