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  • After the votes are counted, election podcasts are here to stay

    The 2016 presidential election will be remembered for unleashing all kinds of things on American media consumers. Pop-up news podcasts are likely to be one of them. Whether it’s because of liberals’ morbid fascination with Trump’s campaign, or the smog of scandal that seems to hang over Hillary Clinton’s, political junkies have been treated to a buffet of pop-up podcast launch ...

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  • Barron’s is after millennials with Barron’s Next

    Barron’s, the Dow Jones-owned investment and finance publication, is hardly what you’d think of as a go-to for young people. After all, Barron’s boasts a third of its readers are C-level and enjoy a net worth around $3 million. Rather than reorient a publication that’s been around for nearly a century, Barron’s has rolled out a digital offshoot, Barron’s Next, which traffics i ...

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  • Why publishers are getting more serious about personalization

    For years, marketers have dreamed of the day when they can communicate one-on-one with people on the internet. A growing number of publishers are sharing those dreams too, and they are investing heavily in making that happen. At the 2016 Media Technology Summit held on Oct. 6, publishers and marketers discussed how they can now tailor the messages, offers and content they serv ...

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  • Bots are the new apps, only they suck (for now)

    A little more than six months ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proclaimed that “bots are the new apps.” Like many tech-proclamations, it turned out to be breathless, partly true and strategically devoid of pesky details. And for most of the media business so far, bots — like live video, distributed content teams, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI and a dozen other doodads ...

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  • What Time Inc. learned from the small sites it acquired

    Time Inc. is the steward of some of the media’s oldest, most storied brands. But some of its recent moves have been driven by brands it’s owned for just a few months. The publisher’s recent moves to ramp up its native advertising operations, expand its ability to work with amateur contributors and influencers, and even trim over 100 people from its payroll can all be traced ba ...

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  • Soundbites and salacious quotes: How Fox News surged on Instagram

    When Instagram made it possible to upload longer video clips this spring, one of the biggest winners was Fox News, a publisher that exceeds at soundbites. The cable news network has driven a huge increase in user engagement on the Facebook-owned photo sharing platform, according to data gathered by Newswhip.

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  • Why Time Inc. is expanding its contributor networks

    Time Inc. is increasing its reliance on outside contributors as it seeks to grow its digital footprint and serve ad partners. The magazine publisher behind People, Time and others is launching two products, Springboard and Time Inc. Connect, meant to help editors source content from contributors, some for traditional editorial content and some for native or branded content.

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  • Programmatic native is here, and premium publishers are wary

    Marketing dollars are poised to flow into programmatic native advertising next year, and many in the digital advertising ecosystem are excited. Everyone, that is, except premium publishers. Programmatic native advertising is a technique designed to insert marketers’ messages and assets in a publisher or platform’s feed, rather than the margins where ads usually go.

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  • Live Nation is selling concert tickets on Snapchat now

    The definition of what Snapchat ads can do keeps expanding. Over the weekend, Live Nation, one of Snapchat’s first key partners for Live Stories, launched an ad campaign on the platform designed to drive the sale of tickets to an upcoming Ariana Grande tour. The spots, which appear for users browsing Discover content, feature a brief message from Grande, sealed with a kiss.

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  • Time-based ad buying makes a lot of sense, but it still faces an uphill battle

    Many of the woes digital media faces can be tracked back to one thing: how ads are counted. Generally, ads are based on clicks or views. For digital publishers, both present problems. Relying on clicks is a recipe for disaster in competing with Google and Facebook, and the view means churning out more pages, no matter how.

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  • How media companies use influencers to build editorial brands

    Marketers aren’t the only people turning to influencers to help build their brands. Thanks to a confluence of industry trends — more emphasis on content distribution, influencer marketing becoming a stable part of the marketing mix, the rise of video — media companies are tapping influencers to try to build editorial brands around them too. The methods and motives vary.

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  • ‘News is being carried by entertainment’: Nick Denton on the state of media

    In a nearly full Alice Tully Hall on Tuesday, Nick Denton, the man who oversaw the rise and fall of Gawker held forth on what went wrong and why digital news publications are in a tough predicament. Denton held forth in a conversation with Fusion senior editor Felix Salmon at the closing panel at Transition, a two-day event put on by marketing platform Percolate.

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  • Why The Information foregrounds community to attract subscribers

    The comments section of a website usually becomes either a desert or a toxic cesspool inhabitable only by trolls. Publishers big and small fret over them, and more than a few have simply closed theirs altogether. But at The Information, the subscription-based tech news publisher, comments and community aren’t just intact — they’re a selling point.

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