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  • Snapchat wants to make sure Discover stays PG-13

    To make itself attractive to advertisers ahead of its anticipated initial public offering, Snapchat is solving problems the market may not think exists. On Monday, the platform gave the New York Times a story about imposing stricter editorial guidelines on publishers creating content for Snapchat Discover, including a ban on images that are questionable, or risqué, or that prov ...

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  • With presidency looming, Trump editorial products proliferate

    Back when everybody thought Donald Trump was going to lose the 2016 presidential election – remember that? – publishers were wondering what they would do when they wouldn’t have an orange crush of traffic padding their monthly audience totals anymore. But then he won, and now numerous publishers have gone all in, launching Trump-focused products to capitalize on the intrigue o ...

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  • How Right Side Broadcasting Network won the Trump press conference

    The big winner of President-Elect Trump’s first press conference of the year was a small publisher you most likely have never heard of, courtesy of a lift from an old school low-tech aggregator. Despite many publishers spending numerous hours and multiple platforms teasing, promoting and disseminating their coverage, a little-known site called Right Side Broadcasting attracted ...

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  • How publishers squeeze new traffic out of their old content

    A couple years ago, publishers decided they had to start wringing more money out of their old content. Today, some of them are practically selling the photos that hang on their office walls, but the fruits of these labors are sprouting: The Atlantic, which uses archival material on both the print and digital sides of its business, now generates more than a quarter of its traffi ...

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  • ‘Short and sweet’: How Axios will approach content, including native ads

    Jim VandeHei made waves late last year when he implied that subscriptions to Axios, his new venture-funded media startup, would cost as much as $10,000. But VandeHei has also been adamant that advertising will be a piece of the site’s revenue puzzle. Here, he and longtime colleague Roy Schwartz, who headed up Politico’s finances for nearly a decade, discuss the native ad format ...

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  • Why branded podcasting could more than double in 2017

    Podcasting has always been a lot like old-time radio. In 2017, it’s about to get even more old-timey, as podcast networks, publishers and brands all embrace branded shows. Barely more than a year after GE and Panoply debuted “The Message,” a Cannes Lion-winning science fiction podcast that was compared to “War of the Worlds,” branded podcasts have come en vogue: Publishers inc ...

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  • What’s NOT going to happen in 2017

    It’s predictions season in medialand, and there is no shortage of rose-colored takes at where the industry is going in 2017. We’re going the other way. Instead of whispering sweet nothings about what the new year’s going to be, we’re going to tell you what won’t happen. We’re not trying to be Negative Nancies. We’re not trying to turd up the punch at your holiday party.

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  • Why TBS is using Instant Articles for its brands

    Text-based publishers aren’t the only ones experimenting with Facebook Instant Articles. Starting this past Friday, the Turner Broadcasting System sitcom “People of Earth,” a show about a support group for alien abductees, published three Facebook Instant Articles, the fast-loading mobile template that Facebook launched in 2015.

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  • In memoriam: The publishers we lost in 2016

    There is no shortage of people eager to shovel dirt on this, this most foul year of our Lord, 2016. This was the year that took from us Bowie and Prince and Leonard Cohen; it killed John Glenn and the guy who created the Big Mac and Gene Wilder. 2016 was so bad that people began debating whether it was the worst year ever, in July.

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  • Publishers are playing around with games again

    A few years after publishers fell in and out of love with games, they are toying around with them again. In the past couple months, Hearst Digital has begun producing branded puzzle games and quizzes for MSN; both Mic and the Washington Post have begun experimenting with non-branded game bots on platforms like Kik and Facebook Messenger, respectively; The Outline, Josh Topolsk ...

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  • Why Business Insider built a desktop-only Chrome extension

    Business Insider’s latest bid for readers’ attention begins in their Google Chrome tabs. The Axel Springer-owned publisher launched its first Google Chrome extension Wednesday, designed to give desktop internet users a chance to get a snapshot of what’s just been published on the site. Here’s how it works: After readers install the extension on their computer’s browsers, every ...

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  • The pitfalls of sponsored content, in 5 charts

    One of the true bright spots for publishers could wind up further eroding the value of their most precious asset. With display advertising in a free fall — and what little of value there is being sucked up by Google and Facebook –publishers are increasingly turning to native advertising and sponsored content to earn meaningful revenue.

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  • Why sex, millennials and video didn’t sell for Elite Daily

    Eight months ago, Elite Daily was “the voice of Generation Y,” in the words of a presentation it made to advertisers. Two weeks ago, the Daily Mail General Trust, its parent company, wrote down the entirety of its investment in the millennial-focused publisher, a tacit admission that the site was worthless to the company and its investors.

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  • ‘It’s all TV’: Jeff Bewkes talks merger, streaming and Bill Simmons

    Bewkes: ‘People like ads’ Throughout 2016, video has been parked front and center in conversations about the future of digital media. Time Warner Chairman Jeff Bewkes sat down with Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget at Business Insider’s annual event, ignition, Tuesday to discuss that primacy. The two touched on a number of topics, with key observations pulled out here.

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  • A return to focus: Publishers are going high with subscription prices

    Jim VandeHei raised a lot of eyebrows at the Code Media Conference last week when he declared that subscriptions to his new venture, Axios, would be pricey to the tune of $10,000 a year. “When I talk about subscriptions, I’m not talking New York Times subscriptions,” VandeHei said. “I’m talking high end.

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  • WTF is zero-rating?

    If you’ve been following the media and tech company acquisitions that have been happening lately, you’ve probably noticed a pattern: Mobile Network Operator A (think Verizon, AT&T) buys Media Company B (think AOL, Yahoo, Time Warner), often at a fine premium. That’s a good thing for media company shareholders, especially those that are getting acquired.

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  • Publishers’ on-again, off-again affair with LinkedIn is back on again

    Like many other platforms, LinkedIn has swung back and forth between serving up traffic to publishers and not offering much traffic at all. But over the past year, a number of changes made to its platform have significantly increased the traffic LinkedIn drives for business-focused publishers, and it’s about to roll out two more meant to turn it into an even more vital source of readers.

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  • ‘A classic commons problem’: Publishers are going notifications crazy

    Publishers have quickly realized the power of mobile notifications in drawing people back to content, so naturally they’re at risk of overdoing it. “This is a classic commons problem,” said Andrew McLaughlin, the co-founder of Betaworks. “It’s a space where if everybody behaves badly, everything gets trashed.

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