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  • How to SEO Your WordPress Blog 101

    Before we get going, here is a quick round up of the topics we will discuss in this post: 1. Introduction to Yoast SEO 2. 6 Must Do Steps 3. How to Use Yoast in Your Posts 4. How to Use Keywords 5. How to Create Your Meta Titles and Descriptions IN THE BEGINNING… So you’ve taken the plunge to self-host your blog.

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  • Getting your Website Health in Check for 2015

    While 2014 may have ended either in a flurry of rushed deadlines or a slow, lethargic wind down, it’s a brand new year which means it’s time for a fresh start and an injection of new energy into your website. Ensuring that you check your website is looking healthy can make all the difference to the year’s work ahead.

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  • Using Vine for a Great Halloween Campaign

    It’s Halloween weekend which is a great opportunity for brands to jump on the user generated content train. While getting followers to submit user generated content can be tricky to do, pairing up with a holiday where fun is the theme inspires followers to show off and share the fun they have.

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  • 5 Things Twitter Taught Us About The Commonwealth Games

    The amount of times I’ve said to my Mum, “Yes Ma, I saw it on Twitter…” can’t actually be quantified. Twitter is more than a place for the globe to park their opinions, it can also be used to inform, update and educate those who follow trends. Last week saw the launch of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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  • Highjack the Bandwagon in 6 Steps

    Topical information is the key to driving social media content. Even for audience members who initially miss the real time incident that launches a social media frenzy, soon enough it will become a trending topic and will educate others online as to what scandalous event has occurred. This week’s scandal was delivered by Luis Suarez, who was caught biting his third opponent in ...

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  • Ensuring Your Football World Cup Digital Campaign is No Foul

    The 2014 Football World Cup “kicks off” on 12th June in Brazil. The country known for its bronze maidens and fierce dancers, Brazil will be in the spotlight for the next couple of weeks. And like players trying to score, marketers across the globe will also be trying to get their campaigns to score a goal through “ambush marketing” – the practice of advertisers associating them ...

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