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  • How to personalize content for locals

    In late 2016, some hockey fans were pretty miffed with the NHL. It wasn’t because of a certain call in a game or a particular player’s draft standing. It was about their team iPhone and Android apps — or more specifically, it was about the fact that their team apps had been redirected to a one-size-fits-all NHL app.

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  • The podcast option: How audio content can help build a B2B business

    For B2B marketing, I’m a big believer in focusing on the one or two primary content vehicles for your brand. Some focus on a stellar email newsletter. Others work toward industry-leading blog content. Some create webinars. And others use podcasts. This doesn’t mean putting all of your eggs in one basket. A newsletter can be used to push out great content.

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  • Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world: Get your data in line

    Just last October at the Street Fight Summit, many marketers ranked voice search as the most “over-hyped” marketing tactic of the year. I think this is because many of them aren’t seeing the full scope of the technology. We’re putting on our consumer brains and thinking about the current awkwardness of speaking to Siri in public, not of a future inside self-driving cars or th ...

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  • Beyond the ad: How to incorporate purposeful mission into brand practices

    Airbnb’s recent Super Bowl commercial, created in three days and including no more branding than an end-card icon, flaunted a company comfortable with its mission. The ad, focused on diversity and inclusivity, and released alongside a more specific email to Airbnb customers, introduced a brandwide program created to provide housing to refugees.

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  • Why Back-end Tech Is Key for Food Delivery Startups

    It’s surprising to see how few local delivery startups stand out with their marketing messaging. For the uninitiated customer, what’s the difference between Postmates and, or DoorDash, Caviar, and Grubhub? Their websites have similar closeups of delicious dinners and offer some version of “we deliver food to your house” as copy.

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  • Why Hasn’t a Killer App Emerged for Finding Local Events?

    On December 13th, Facebook launched its Events app on Android to a reasonable amount of fanfare among social tech nerds, and little mention elsewhere. The iPhone version of the app had been around since early October, peaking in download popularity at #1093 in the US iTunes store on October 8 (or #63 on that same day if you’re only counting social apps).

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  • How to scale organic local marketing

    Scaling local seems oxymoronic, which is why advertising platforms — digital and analog — rule in the local space. If you Google the term “local marketing agency,” you’ll see results for SEM and ad campaigns, plus nods to local SEO (which often begins with scaled citation tools, like Yext). The agencies that do focus on content development are generally targeted toward local ...

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  • How most startups do events wrong…and 6 ways to do them right

    When you’re in startup mode, awareness is everything. And event marketing combines awareness with message testing, audience conversations, networking, and even (sometimes) fun. But event selection is often arbitrary, at best. At the first startup I worked for, we chose to sponsor a B2C marketing event because it fit best into our calendar.

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  • Local journalism, meet branded content: What the decline in print means for brands

    With each new issue, “all the news that’s fit to print,” the famous New York Times slogan, comes closer to an anachronism. Earlier this year, Pew Research Center reported that traditional newsroom staff shrank by 10 percent in 2014, with average weekday print news consumption falling seven percent in 2015. On the surface, this seems like a scary forecast for local news.

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  • 8 tips from 7 months of local sponsorship marketing

    Coca-Cola "Why We Sponsor" worldwide campaign. With Orchestral FilmScore composed by: Federico Jusid Agency: McCann Worldsgroup/ McCann Spain Las hazañas de los mejores deportistas de la historia han provocado un efecto dominó en la sociedad, logrando que millones de personas prac ...

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  • 4 digital marketing tactics for local reach

    Local marketing campaigns can feel like endless rounds of “Where’s Waldo?” — getting granular on the beach, in the mountains, at the circus and so on, leading to blurry eyes and a fuzzy return on investment. A 2015 study by Balihoo, a marketing automation agency, found that more than half of marketers believed the ROI of local campaigns to be higher than global campaigns, bu ...

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