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  • Look Back To Look Ahead: Tips For A Lucrative Holiday Shopping Season

    The holiday shopping season has begun. If you’re an e-commerce marketer like me, this is likely the quarter you’ve been planning for all year long, and after last year’s record-breaking season, the bar has been raised. You’ve pored over this year’s holiday predictions, planned your marketing calendar, dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

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  • Get Off Your Phone: Why Face To Face Still Matters

    I’ll come right out and confess it — I love my phone, but I haven’t found it to be “part of me” the way some people have. At risk of sounding crazy, I think this lends an edge to my leadership style — client services requires being in the moment and reacting to what is happening in real time. However, this will not be a “Jerry Maguire“-style personal mission statement agains ...

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  • The Valentine’s Day Shift: How To Make A Love Connection With Your Consumers

    It’s no surprise that each year, Valentine’s Day advertising focuses on love, romance and affection. It’s a time where men and women around the world try and find the perfect gift in the form of flowers, tasty chocolates and sparkling jewelry. Despite the fact that the bulk of Valentine’s Day purchases are attributed to a few select categories, consumers are still spending a ...

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