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  • 3 Rules for Creating Branded Content About the Election

    The 2016 election is unquestionably the biggest story of the year, which means brands are already jumping into the fray. Bisquick just launched “America’s Breakfast Debate 2016” to mostly positive reactions, and Rock the Vote partnered with Funny or Die on a provocative video starring Katy Perry. If you’re in the business of creating and publishing branded content, it’s critic ...

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  • Why Is It So Hard for Millennials to Become Content Strategists?

    People may throw eggs at me for this—or applaud me, depending on their age—but it’s hard out there for millennials. They were raised with all the can-do-it-iveness and ambition that their parents could pack in, but when they finally graduated and entered the job market, the financial crisis walloped them with high unemployment, low wages, and rising housing costs.

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